Conservative Promises have more holes in them than a sieve….

I never thought that I would be writing to say how worthless Conservative promises are. but they should now be called the Sieve Party….due to the holes in their election manifesto and promises.

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It is now inevitable that the Chancellor will suspend the triple lock because it is “too generous” to pensions, and rather than the 8.8% expected increase, they are going to rob the pensioners and only give them 2.5% instead.  The cost they say cannot be justified, yet the overseas aid to countries who have their own space agencies is apparently.

We have illegal immigrants who are tipping up on the beaches and who are being put up in 4* hotels at our costs and how much is this?  They are being given money each week for spends and have 3 meals a day provided for them.  How nice, there are some elderly people who have to make the decision between heating and eating during the winter.  There are no do-gooders shouting for the roof tops for them these days.

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This is not a dig at the illegal people but rather at the Governments botched handling.  We should just take them back and save our money.  France is not at war, and we were never part of Schengen.  These people came to Europe at the invite of the German Chancellor and the French President, and we are ending up with them.  Send them back….we as a country cannot afford it.  We have our own poor who need our help and yet this Government is turning against the very people whose vote they rely on.

We are told by numerous multi-millionaire MPs that the elderly cannot expect this income as it will look greedy and unfair yet they got over a £2,000 raise last year and bleated…”oh we have to accept it as someone else decides it”.  Well, that doesn’t sit right with me and these lying, duplicitous MPs better not expect a pay raise for a number of years…as after all that is surely greed.. mind you they have the skin of a rhino and will take anything that lines their pocket….

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Poor loves only have £84k a year to live on, the ability to flip houses and bill us for huge TVs, renovations, and their food bills and when not doing that they are employing their partner as Manager of their office on upwards of £50k a year or employing them as secretary on the same money.  Always keeping the generous taxpayers funded role in the family.  It seems that when someone on a £137 a week wants a pay raise that just pure greed, but when you get an MP who is on £84k a year and with hundreds of thousands in expenses moaning about the cost of their living…it makes you feel sick and angry.   Do any of these MPs actually do any good I ask myself? As I can find nothing extraordinary about any of them.

We have their Lordships on £324 a day tax free for just showing up to the worlds most expensive day care for the elderly, and that is £58,320 for their participance.  All tax free.  During the pandemic god love them…there were complaints that the £162 a day they were earning from their homes was not enough and they had to access a welfare fund.   Infact 24 supposed honourable members of the Lords are being investigated for failing to declare their Directorships or payments….it is sleaze…downright sleaze and how in the hell do they think some pensioners cope?

This country is being run into the ground by greed and lies. I am corrected as there are few in Parliament who are actually honourable, but you can count them on one hand.  Oh, by the way, these committees they sit on…£20k extra for the privilege so no wonder they want to be on just about any committee.  It’s not for the benefit of us…it’s for their benefit and it’s all about money and they have their irons in so many fires it is obscene.  How many of them have 2nd jobs bringing in thousands for a few hours work and they can have 5 or 6 of these…well what about doing the one job you are paid handsomely for?  These sponging, whining MPs then turn round and tell the pensioners they are being greedy.

I feel so sorry for the pensioners of today and the young of today.  The pensioners are being shafted today and the young will be shafted in the future.  The pension age will go up to the point that you will not be able to retire before you hit 75 and how many of you will get to that age?  You put money in a pension, and they take tax on that too….

Wonder how many of those in Parliament have tax avoidance schemes for theirs?  By the way MPs have non contributory pensions and when there is a short fall, yes yours truly the taxpayers have to pay it without so much as a bye your leave.  Yet, these same swamp creatures are the ones telling the elderly that they are too greedy for wanting money in their pocket to pay for the 15% increase in fuel bills that is coming, and the 5% average increase in council tax bills….pure greed to expect to be given help yet these odious individuals claim for Sky, their whirlpool baths, their monthly shopping….and you have individuals who make claim for a mars bar.  The tight fisted ********* couldn’t even pay for their own chocolate.

I don’t trust Labour, I don’t trust the Liberal Democrats and I certainly don’t trust the SNP and the Greens, and now I can finally add the Conservatives to that list.  Politicians’ manifestos are lies, lies and more lies and their word means nothing. They can now say anything they like to get election and then break it when they get in….

How a multi-millionaire married to a billionaire’s daughter and living in a country mansion can tell those struggling to heat their homes in winter that they won’t get a monetary increase is beyond me.  I hope that all those who vote for this to be stolen from the pensioners are kicked out of parliament but then they will be all lining up for the Lords as that is where duplicitous MPs go… to drain the taxpayer of more money whilst telling voters that we are greedy.

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