Jen Psaki needs to heed her own words…

Do you remember when they tried to impeach Trump for a phone call to the Ukraine asking for an investigation into Dodgy Hunter Biden? The man who with no history of working in gas and oil was suddenly given a job worth $50,000 a month, oh and don’t forget Pelosi’s son too…he got a jobContinue reading “Jen Psaki needs to heed her own words…”

When will the Biden/Harris Administration stop lying?

This time the State Department under Blinken are stating that they facilitated the escape of a mother and her 3 children.   Much heraldry from the State Department about how great they are and a look at us…see we get people out…until you see and hear the truth and they did nothing, absolutely nothing. Army combatContinue reading “When will the Biden/Harris Administration stop lying?”

Why is Blair still advocating war!!

Tony Blair today took a swipe at Joe Biden today as he said the US withdrawal from Afghanistan will embolden the West’s enemies and give them a ‘belief our time is over’.     The former prime minister said, ‘it is clear now’ the US has decided that for the ‘foreseeable future’ it has a ‘very limited appetite forContinue reading “Why is Blair still advocating war!!”

This is not war games by China…it’s the start of the invasion and will lead to a global war.

China sends 19 nuclear bombers and fighter jets into Taiwan’s airspace for ‘invasion’ war games in Beijing’s latest show of force, which has been emboldened by the quick exit from Afghanistan by the Americans and their weak, feeble Leader Joe Biden, the Chinese have been showing their might and strength in the South China Seas. Continue reading “This is not war games by China…it’s the start of the invasion and will lead to a global war.”

Conservative Promises have more holes in them than a sieve….

I never thought that I would be writing to say how worthless Conservative promises are. but they should now be called the Sieve Party….due to the holes in their election manifesto and promises. It is now inevitable that the Chancellor will suspend the triple lock because it is “too generous” to pensions, and rather thanContinue reading “Conservative Promises have more holes in them than a sieve….”

The Increase in National Insurance Contributions.

Most of the Cabinet and the Prime Minister have now decided to speak as one voice that there is a need for the increase in National Insurance Contributions.  Of course, we had the Labour party doing the rounds blasting it, and of course the Conservatives stating that Labour raised it under Blair and round andContinue reading “The Increase in National Insurance Contributions.”

If you are old, then according to Andy Burnham you have not contributed to this country!

The Labour Mayor for Manchester has stated today that he would like to bring in a tax and tax those who are elderly because in his view they have contributed nothing to society.  A tax that will see your loved ones who are grieving at the loss of you dying being charged 10% of theirContinue reading “If you are old, then according to Andy Burnham you have not contributed to this country!”

When enemies respect each other….

At the beginning of the third crusade, the Christian army won quite a few small battles but nothing significant to overthrow Saladin. By July 1191, Richard I of England took Acre and was slowly moving towards Jerusalem. He started marching towards Jaffa. Saladin, instead of confrontation was sending battalions of archers with an aim toContinue reading “When enemies respect each other….”