Warrington Borough Council are withholding external auditors letters….

Please see below a press release from the Conservative group raising the serious issues arising from the withholding of the external auditors letter issued in May 2020! ‚ÄúConservative Borough Councillors continue to be denied access to a copy of the May 2020 letter from the External Auditor, to the Chief Executive of Warrington Borough Council,Continue reading “Warrington Borough Council are withholding external auditors letters….”

Would Dr Faucci like to explain…

The 65 taxpayer funded research projects paid for by America and done by the WUHAN LAB?? Also why is funding available for the abuse and murder of animals? Specifically DOGS…why is the American taxpayer paying for this, when it is banned in the United States of America? Faucci is a peddler of untruths and heContinue reading “Would Dr Faucci like to explain…”