Venturing onto Twitter, some people have serious Trump Derangement Syndrome…

I have been on twitter and cannot believe how many people still believe that Joe Biden is a great President, and that he is doing a good job, and they are all afflicted with TDS…as everything bad happening now is because of Trump..

They come out with everything is Trumps fault and if you disagree you get called a bot or a troll. Are these people really that blinkered?

They refuse to believe that Biden is running the country into the ground, and of course the pull out from Afghanistan is Trumps fault.

Even the abandoning of the people, the weapons and the service dogs….all Trumps fault. Oh and one even blamed the people themselves for not leaving quick enough. Hope she never has to rely on a Biden Government, and how obnoxious to blame the abandoned when cozy in your armchair at home.

When explained to them that the President lied to the people and asked the Afghan President to be untrue with the actual situation to save Biden as little as 3 weeks before Kabul fell…nope all Trumps fault. Despite the President lying on TV that the Taliban would not take over, and giving people a false sense of security…nope TDS and they seem to have a serious problem with reality.

I explained that the original date Trump had decided on was to ensure the Taliban had not regrouped from Winter in Pakistan…no not Bidens fault, and that he had done a great job with the withdrawal. Do you think these people actually believe this? If so….stay off the hummus and lettuce leaves…get a steak and walk into this world.

The slow down of the vaccinations roll out in America…Trumps fault…even though he has not been in power for 8 months and its all because of the red States. Seems they are very intolerant of anyone who dares question them.

The very disappointing rise in job vacancies…only 254,000….yep you guessed it Trumps fault.

The rise in crime….have a guess.. of course all Trumps fault.

Biden will continue to run America into the ground, and these foolish people will always say its Trumps fault….yep even the issues at the Border…which made me almost spit my tea out. Despite 2 million in arriving in the month of January after the 6th, and 200,000 a month after that…on what planet is this Trumps fault??

America you have serious fruit loops being allowed a vote, and they are peddling lies and a false narrative. They should work for MSM….they seem to be stuck on a loop of TDS too.

God bless the United States of America

And God gives them strength…they will need it.

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