Lets remember a hero…

Remembering WWII hero Rao Abdul Hafiz Panwar VC, born on this day in 1925.

Panwar was the youngest Indian recipient of the Victoria Cross and one of three WWII VC’s awarded for action in British India.

On April 6, 1944, during the Battle of Imphal, Rao Abdul was ordered to attack with his platoon a prominent position held by the enemy, the only approach to which was across a bare slope and then up a very steep hill.

He led the assault, killing several of the enemy, pressing on regardless of machine-gun fire. He received two wounds, the second of which was fatal; but he had succeeded in routing an enemy vastly superior in numbers and had captured a most important position.

Rao Abdul Hafiz Panwar was 18 years old.

His VC is on display in the Lord Ashcroft Gallery at the Imperial War Museum, London.

Lest we forget 🌺

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