An Open Letter to President Trump…


As the world is now waking up to the disaster that is the Biden and Harris Administration, and the realisation that the mainstream media have been running fake news for years….now is your chance to hit the road for getting votes from the fed up American public, and get the Presidency back in 2024.

However, you need to show more of your personality and less of your personal attacks rhetoric on the opposition, as people want attacks on policies, as that is how wavering voters make up their mind and what can they attack you with?? Nothing. .

You have now in your hands the perfect gift of hitting the Democrats where it hurts, and to do so with all fact based goals.

You have the appalling withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Leaving 200 hundred American citizens in the clutches of a terrorist organisation, that will either want money for their now hostages, or will kill them when they get fed up.

You have the fact that this Biden/Harris Administration have given comfort to the enemy in the guise of weapons, ammunition, vehicles and aircraft. Those same weapons are now being used against those trying to defeat the Taliban. The Biden/Harris Administration have given murderers the opportunity to use weapons to murder larger numbers.

This Administration have left America and its allies at a greater risk of terrorist attacks. If they attack on the 20th anniversary of 9/ must demand they are impeached

They have missed the employment target and are blaming Covid. They did not take that explanation from you, so refuse it back.

Covid rates are rising and they are missing their own goals of vaccinations.

The cost of living is rising higher than expected, along with fuel prices…forcing the poorest off the road.

The crime rate in Democratic held places is rising some 105% in some places, but murder rates are up, burglary up, rapes up, stabbings up, shop burglary up, muggings up. All on the Biden/Harris watch.

Then the Border….200,000 undocumented people a month are coming through the border each and every month. 2 million arrived in the first month and the Administration has failed to stop the paedophiles, murderers, drug peddlers and drug runners that you stopped and it will get worse.

You also have the FBI report that there was NO insurrection on January 6th…

They have failed so much in the first 8 months and it is going to get worse, and if you stick to the attacks on their failures and not on their personalities then you will win over people, as the people know this Administration have failed on the World stage, made America a laughing stock and you aim to make it great again.

Get the videos out and people like me will blog your words as this current Administration is the most corrupt since Nixon, and their failure is costing precious lives.

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