Seems stranding American children to the Taliban in Afghanistan is a success!!!

Some 30 plus school children from 2 schools cannot get out of Kabul, along with their teachers. Green card holders and thousands of Afghan translators and their families. What is the Biden/Harris Administration going to do to get those children out?? What are they going to do to get the others out??

You will be delighted with the answer….they are going to ask the Taliban nicely to help them. The same people that Joe Biden has said they defeated! Well how can they be asking for help from the very people who are supposed to have been defeated? More lies from the Whitehouse.

If this is a successful operation….would not like to see what a failure is…and I doubt any military person having served there would and this Administration has lied again and again to the American people, and deliberately left people stranded although his spokesman Jake Sullivan said they have tried emails!!! Wow….an email. No going over there on behalf of the nation to talk to the terrorists….NOOOOOO that would be too much to expect from Mr Sullivan.

Hope Jen Psaki is reading….these CHILDREN and many more are STRANDED and have been ABANDONED BY THE BIDEN/HARRIS ADMINISTRATION. ABANDONED, ABANDONED, ABANDONED, ABANDONED AND YES ABANDONED. Shame on you Ms Psaki for continuing the deliberate untruths of this Biden/Harris Administration. Shame on you for giving them false hope when it is nothing more than untrue, and all for political spin. I should imagine after being round those in the Whitehouse, decent people would need to go home and have a good hot shower to get rid of the lingering smell of their devious lies.

I give it one month before we start seeing hostages being murdered by the Taliban…but to Joe Biden and his Administration that’s winning…..come on America your President and its top Generals are woke and nuts and they all need to have cognitive tests, as nowhere in any imagination is this mess a success and what is the latest round of self congratulations from this Administration….90% of Americans got out…..Well Mr President and Madam Vice President and all those in the Administration and your woke Generals…I hope you are ready for the 10% who in all probability will not get out. After all the Taliban now have hostages and it will be on your hands and your fault that they have been left to such evil.

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