Looking back at comments…where is the outrage?

I decided to have a look back at my posts and comments after being described as shameful.

Hmm I thought….let me see if the label I am being called is justified and if so I will hold my hands up, but then I came across some very very important blogs I had written.

Not a meme explaining the difference in generations, as you ask any older people they are baffled by the tyranny of the minority over the majority, and when we decide to say otherwise get called shameful. This is the new threat to our freedoms where you are supposed to self flagellete for having a differing opinion….well not me. My father’s generation fought too hard against tyranny to allow that to happen and our continued freedoms are a testament to that.

Yet, the real shame I see is that nothing has been said by the individuals regarding the Rohingyas, the Uighers nor indeed the plight of the women and children in Afghanistan abandoned to terror.

Some people express their faux outrage at something minor knowing full well that in this country and a great deal of other countries, people have the choice to be whatever they want to be. Infact I have openly said so in my blog and stated no one has the right to take that away…….guess they missed that one…too keen to get their comments in to actually read through….

Yet….there is nothing said about men, women and children being starved, beaten, raped, forced abortions and having genocide committed upon them by the Chinese Communist State and being kept as slaves in a concentration camp..3 million of them.. , and all because the Uighurs are Muslim. Nor was there outrage at the forced removal of the Rohingyas from Myanmar again a million plus people having to suffer a similar fate…because they are Muslim. The aim of these states is to eradicate their very culture….

No outrage at the abandonment by the West of Afghans desperate to leave their home because they worked for the West. No outrage that women and girls will now no longer be able to leave their homes, and that girls of ages 12 and sometimes younger are married off to terrorists.

Nothing….no comment….but put up a meme showing the difference of generations and there is outrage and cries of shame.

Well shame on you for not expressing an outrage at the plight of millions who have no freedoms, no control over their lives and not even a freedom to choose to go to school.

Now they are real victims and maybe you should feel sympathy for them, as for me….I have broad shoulders and have been called far worse by my old Sergeant Major.

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