Look at all the lovely presents Biden and Harris left for the bad guys…..

So the Pentagon and the Biden/Harris Administration are stating that the objective is done and the West are out and surprise surprise just in time for the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. The objective was to get rid of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda and to make sure they did not have the capability to commit terrorism again. Well I think we can put that down as a huge fail.

Not only have they come back stronger, but they are now fully equipped with some of the most up-to-date equipment the world has seen. Infact one happy Jihadi was actually doing joy flights in a newly handed over American helicopter.

Just look at the lovely gift the Biden/Harris Administration have given the Taliban as a welcome back present…

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid (centre) spaks to the media in the shadow of a plane which the terror group have seized
Taliban fighters sit in the cockpit of an Afghan Air Force aircraft at the airport in Kabul in the hours following the US departure
Taliban fighters are seen moments after storming the airport in Kabul. They are armed with American weapons and are wearing US uniforms

This is the newly equipped Taliban and all the lovely new weapons that the Biden/Harris administration have given them. The Taliban actually have more military capability than 85% of the world.

Taliban firefighters surround an aircraft after they overran the airport. The Taliban let off celebratory gunfire as news circulated that the final U.S. flight had left

More presents from Biden and Harris.

The so called damage to the Taliban has not been achieved and it is smoke and mirrors by this failing Administration, and it will be us in the West and Afghans in their own country who will now suffer for the $85 billion dollars worth of gifts they left to the bad guys.

The hundreds of thousands of weapons, vehicles, aircraft and uniforms left behind for the Taliban

Biden and Harris have given aid and comfort to the enemy, and because of this thousands more people will die and it is on their hands. They have made the United States of America a laughing stock on the world stage and this is unforgiveable.

It is even more unforgiveable to actually give the terrorists they went into eliminate high tech equipment worth billions of dollars. This is the act of a traitor…both of them are.

The Taliban will now do something horrendous for the 20th Anniversary, and if they don’t what do you reckon the chances of ISIS doing it on their behalf? I don’t care what the intelligence services say, they are going to work together. After all the enemy of my enemy is my friend and they will murder, maim and terrorise until they turn on each other, and then the innocent Afghans will suffer.

All of this is on Biden and Harris and all the death and destruction will be because they left advanced weapons for the bad guys.

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