Dominic Raab has questions to answer…

So the Foreign Secretary is up before a Parliamentary Committee this week to answer questions about his disastrous handling of the British Afghanistan withdrawal.

Dominic Raab – the foreign secretary who phones it in | Marina Hyde | The  Guardian
Dominic Raab – Foreign Secretary

To actually hold a Parliamentary Committee on the handling of the Crisis whilst MPs are on their summer recess is pretty damning in itself but they must be able to ask questions candidly and demand honesty. The Foreign Secretary must be held to account for his actions and his inabilities to handle the crisis, and these are the questions that need answering.

Why did he actually go on holiday when he knew the crisis was deepening?

Did he have forward knowledge of the 31st August withdrawal deadline and if so revert back to question 1?

Why was he not kept uptodate with intelligence reports of the unfolding tragedy?

If he was why did he still go away?

Why were all 3 senior officials from the Foreign Office allowed to be absent? Most companies stagger their holidays to ensure that there is always someone there to be able to act in times of emergency. …. So why was it different at the Foreign Office?

Who sanctioned all their absences at once?

Why did he refuse to contact an Afghanistan Senior Minister when asked too?

Why did he wait 24 hours to contact them?

Who did he contact and what explanation did he give to explain the delay?

Was he informed that this delay would cost lives and take up the precious time of evacuation?

Who was advising him during this crisis?

Why did he ask the Prime Minister to continue his holiday for another 48 hours?

What was the answer given to him by the Prime Minister in agreeing to this?

Did he receive advice not to go on holiday from the Prime Minister or the Intelligence Services?

Why did he delegate to his junior staff the issues that should have been his priority?

What intelligence information did he receive during those 48 hours where he stayed in Greece?

Did that intelligence information inform him that his delay of 24 hours had cost the lives of 1,000 people?

If so, does he hold himself responsible for that? If so…demand his resignation there and then.

Why did the United Kingdom Government leave behind 100 of its citizens and thousands of Afghans who helped the United Kingdom?

Returning to his role within Parliament the following questions need to be asked…

Why did the Foreign Secretary not discuss the takeover of Afghanistan with Parliament before the crisis happened?

Why has he not in his capacity as Foreign Secretary contacted Afghanistan officials in 6 months?

Who has he spoken too regarding the Afghanistan situation before the Taliban takeover?

Who he has spoken too since?

Which Junior Minister dealt with the Afghan officials? Or was there complete radio silence with the Afghanistan Government in the last 6 moths?

If so, why what was the reason for this?

Did the Foreign Secretary actually inform the Prime Minister or the Government that he had not spoken to the Afghan officials during the last 6 months?

Has the Foreign Secretary or any official actually been in contact with the Afghanistan Government on any level? If not the Foreign Secretary then who?

Where are the notes of this meeting if not made available to the committee?

Lastly what the real plans to get those out who need to leave? What are they doing to ensure the safety of those who still need to leave? Not words of placation but actual plans to get these at risk people out?

Has as this Government been in direct contact with the Taliban to arrange safe passage for those wanting to leave?

When is the expected leave date for those wanting to leave?

Lastly which Governments and Countries has he been in contact with to arrange safe passage of those leaving?

I am sure the Committee has a lot more questions than I have but there are answers needed, and he he must resign as what can only be described as laziness in his office or as my favourite saying malfeasance in a public office. Either way to put your holiday before that of thousands of people needing our help is appalling and he cannot survive as Foreign Minister anymore.

Oh and before Lisa Nandy and the Labour Party start their endless hindsight comments….they did nothing either. No questions from Nandy and definitely none from Starmer….although he will forget that bit as he pontificates endlessly. Our politicians are second rate and their inability to actually do their jobs is now costing lives. Time to clean the swamp again………..

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