Biden abandoned his promise of getting every American out of Afghanistan.

President Biden in a previous interview stated that no American or vulnerable person would be left on Afghanistan soil and that the American Military would stay put until every person is out. How could he state that when he knew that he would be pulling the Military out? He knew and lied to the people. When your President and his Administration lies then it is time to get rid of the whole rotten lot

Not only did he leave 24 hours early but he and his Administration have left 200 Americans as well as thousands of at risk Afghans. Well according to Secretary of State Blinken he is not sure if it is 200 or maybe it could be 100. Why is it that the Secretary of State for a country that states that it is militarily the greatest ever and who it seems that they can pinpoint a suicide bomber, cannot work out how many of its citizens it is abandoning.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken speaks about Afghanistan, at the State Department in Washington, Monday, Aug. 30, 2021. (Jonathan Ernst/Pool via AP)

WASHINGTON (AP) — As the final five U.S. military transport aircraft lifted off out of Afghanistan, they left behind up to 200 Americans and thousands of desperate Afghans who couldn’t get out and now must rely on the Taliban to allow their departure. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the U.S. will continue to try to get Americans and Afghans out of the country, and will work with Afghanistan’s neighbors to secure their departure either over land or by charter flight once the Kabul airport reopens. We have no illusion that any of this will be easy, or rapid,” said Blinken, adding that the total number of Americans who are in Afghanistan and still want to leave may be closer to 100“.

Biden on national television stated that he would not leave any person behind and then less than a week later….there are people left behind. The people of America had taken some comfort from the fact that their President, the supposed most powerful man in the world had promised that not one person would be left behind. How disappointed and angry must they be that their family members, their friends and the people they love the most have been STRANDED (TAKE NOT JEN PSEKI) AND ABANDONED, and what does the old senile man in the States thinks he can do?

The Taliban are not frightened of the West and they are not frightened of the United States of America. After all they are having funerals for countries that had taken part in the last 20 years in Afghanistan, and to see these murdering SOBs with my beloved flag makes my blood boil.

Fake coffins draped with the British, American, French and NATO flags were paraded through the streets of Khost in Afghanistan today as the Taliban celebrated the end of western 'occupation'

Those poor people who have been abandoned not only by the American Administration but also by the British Government have been handed as sacrificial lambs to the rabid wolves, and shame on the cowardly Governments who run both of these countries. This decision was taken by a Coward and facilitated by Governments who have the same yellow spine running through them. Not only has the Governments left people behind but they have given the terrorists a fully functioning terror air force and a place for murdering Islamists to meet up to plot their attacks.

Hundreds of American and British citizens were left behind when the last US evacuation plane took off late Monday, along with thousands of Afghans who helped western troops on a promise of sanctuary that was ultimately broken. Many now fear for their lives.   Mujahid insisted today that Taliban security forces will be ‘pleasant and nice’ to those left behind, despite reports already emerging of summary executions and persecution against women reminiscent of the Taliban of old. Meanwhile at Bagram air base, the former stronghold of western forces, its new Taliban commander was boasting of having ‘beaten’ America using little more than Kalashnikov rifles while saying the airfield will now be ‘a base for jihad for all Muslims’. (

Those who are left behind will now be threatened with death using American military equipment. The world has gone mad if Biden is left in power. He is a madman and he is a traitor to the people of America and so is the Vice President. She has been AWOL and she stated that she was the last person in the room and backs him up. Pelosi backs Biden and Harris and she is therefore not fit to take over either as all of them have given military equipment to the enemy, and the enemy will use this equipment.

It is time to have an election and to actually vote in a President who is strong, patriotic and fully cognitive, and pick a Vice President who is there for a real purpose and not just for woke policies and a narrative. Lets face it she couldn’t even get any votes from the Democratic party.

Sadly those who have been abandoned by the West will now either have to capitulate to the Taliban and live in the most oppressive country since the throwback to the middle ages, or have to accept it or try and escape as they need to understand that no one is coming to their rescue. This is not a choice that will be taken lightly.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not the military who do not want to go and get them as we all know that our Armies are some of the greatest in the world and they want to fight and they want to crush the terrorists, but sadly the American military has a Commander in Chief who is a coward and known liar, and our Country will not move without the Americans. He has told untruths all through his last 50 years as a senator and every time he has made a decision he has made it wrong. He has no idea of what it means to be a leader, a leader of the military and the leader of the free world and sadly he has shown through his and our leadership in the United Kingdom are just as inept and all of them need removing.

The anger of those parents who have lost their children makes me weep…

I am so sorry for those who have been abandoned by the West and we are now entering a new era and that is ….. don’t expect your Government to come and rescue you as they won’t if we continue to have cowards in charge, or Generals who are more interested in woke and how to braid your hair than lives that need so desperately saving…..

This is the result of the new wokism in the American Government and you cannot be the greatest military in the world, be the leaders of the free world and gain respect when you have a woke buffoon and his staff in charge.

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