If Donald Trumps date had been kept…the people and the vehicles would be out.

Due to writing extensively on the poor management of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their weak excuses for Afghanistan, I have listened day in and day out to the ramblings of Biden saying it was due to his predecessor’s decision that he was forced to leave Afghanistan by 31st August and it was out of his hands. However this excuse does not add up as thanks to him he managed to extend the date and totally change the decision and agreement made.

I kept wondering why Donald Trump had decided on a May 1st withdrawal and then it dawned on me. President Trump had given that date to ensure that the Americans were out of Afghanistan before the Taliban came back from Pakistan where they spent the winters.

Donald Trump had actually listened to his military advisers (former Generals have stated that he was flexible in listening to advice and willing to change his mind based on their expertise, unlike Biden who won’t change), and he knew that it was imperative that the withdrawal begin as soon as possible. He knew that the only way for this to succeed was to get the civilians, the military and those Afghans who helped the military out before the warm weather hit and what did Joe Biden do?? He changed it for smack bang in the middle of Taliban terrorist season.

To try and show up his predecessor which failed spectacularly Joe Biden put the lives of everyone at risk and he did so because his Generals are too woke and weak to explain fully what is going on, and did the likes of Milley ever listen to those on the ground as to what was actually happening? I can tell you the answer is no as Biden and Milley were too busy looking for invisible white rage insurrectionists on American soil (which by the way the FBI said there were no insurgents from 6th January) then to actually realise why Donald Trump had given the May 1st deadline.

Donald Trump loves his country and he loves the military and respects them and there is no way he would have made any mistake that would put their lives in danger. If the deadline had been kept, the people and the equipment would have gotten out, or if the equipment could not be moved he would have blown it to bits, whilst warning the Taliban to stay put.

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He would have also have left Bagram airport intact to ensure that the terrorists were kept behind bars and given as much consideration to those Afghans guarding it. He would not have left in the middle of the night but with enough preparation to cope with the military leaving. Biden basically let out the most vicious of murderers……

Joe Biden comes up with the excuse that he could not change the policy….well he changed the date and the minute he did that then it was only a matter of time before the deaths started, and this is all under Biden’s watch and his decision to change the date.

If he had stuck to the original withdrawal date then all those who needed to be out would have gotten out. He even took to changing the visa rules whilst they were evacuating people and that is why the likes of Pen Farthing could not get his Afghan workers out. Biden was flip flopping at every opportunity and it was just for pure PR purposes.

All of this mess belongs squarely with the Biden Administration and their continual failures and this failure has resulted in the deaths of 13 US Marines and over 150 Afghans, and Harris is as much to blame as why did she not stop the man? He is obviously suffering from poor cognitive thinking and this bad decision can be seen from day one and his decision to change the date.

Everyone knows that the Taliban go to Pakistan in winter and their fighting ability is severely reduced, so why didn’t Biden take advantage of that?

I can explain that in one sentence.

He wanted to be the man, the President who went to the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and tell them that the war was over, and that the bad guys had been crushed and that there would be no more terror attacks and it was all thanks to him. He did this purely for the political gain and a PR stunt. He wanted to come across as the only President to have solved Afghanistan and it has spectacularly backfired and he has cost the lives of so many.

For that alone he should be impeached. He should also be impeached as the Taliban are now the only terrorist organisation to have an air force., and it won’t be long before ISIS start to use it. The following did belong to the Afghan military but now are in the hands of the Taliban….

Graphic showing types and numbers of aircraft operated by the Afghan armed forces

What other equipment have the Taliban now gained??

Image showing captured HMMWV (Humvee). Updated 27 Aug
Image showing Taliban special forces with M4 Carbine
Image showing captured Mobile Strike Force Vehicle

Lets not forget the million bullets they got thanks to Biden and the body armour and the night vision equipment, and the bio scanning capability tool.

The Biden Administration and lets not leave Harris out of this have provided comfort and aid to the enemy and that should be a jail term especially as they are the President and Vice President of the United States. We have already had 13 US Marines blown up with American Semtex, and this is only the beginning. There will be more deaths and this will be at the hands of the Taliban and ISIS who have now gotten their hands on state of the art equipment. Never in the history of the American Presidency has this much fire power and military equipment ever fallen into the hands of the enemy.

There is no point putting your head in your hands when questions are being fired at you, nor laughing at an airport….

Biden and Harris are responsible for the deaths of nearly two hundred people, and will be responsible for the deaths that are too come as we all know that ISIS and the Taliban will try to do something on the 20th anniversary. What they have done in moving the date is criminal as it has allowed the Taliban and now ISIS who were let out when the American Military left the Bagram base on the order of the Generals all comfy in the Pentagon to start their reign of terror again. This can only be dealt with by impeachment.

Biden, Harris, Milley and Pelosi need to be impeached. Pelosi needs to be impeached for failing to allow the Senate to hold Biden and Harris responsible, Milley for being totally incompetent as a General and It is insulting that this man is in charge when good Marines have died (he is too busy putting forward the Critical Race Theory and so called White Rage throughout the Military to actually do something), and Biden and Harris for giving aid to the enemy and equipment.

What a different tale it would have been if they had not allowed their hatred of Donald Trump and the Democrat voters to dictate their policies, and one where common sense should have prevailed and realise the date was there for a reason. Sadly, the President and the Vice President, the General in charge and the Speaker of the House have none and for that they should be removed from their posts and charged.

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