A continuing tale of misery and the cost of living in the States is going up by 5.5%. The highest since 1990.

I feel really sorry for the people of the United States of America at the moment. Not only have they gotten the worst President and Vice President in situ at the Whitehouse, but the border wall is none existent and there have now been some 2 million illegal immigrants who have crossed into the United States in the last 7 months, and it is going up every single day.

Just think of the money it has cost so far to deal with this!!

By the way the illegal immigrants are being moved around to states without having had any Covid testing and they are part of Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’s catch and release system.

They are catching them and releasing them around the country. This will continue to increase the rate at which the virus grows affecting both Americans and the illegal immigrants and what help will these people get?

They will be released into an area they don’t know and where they will not be able to get help. They will be homeless and without help. Surely doing it the way Biden is going about the border issue is a damn sight crueller than anything Donald Trump could come up with!

By the way do my friends in the States remember Biden saying that he will deal with the Covid pandemic better than the previous administration? Well he hasn’t and don’t believe the spin and PR that Ms Psaki comes out with. She is paid to stand up there and come out with the untruths to the American population.

You need to protect yourself from this pandemic as you simply cannot believe the President., the Vice President and the Press Secretary.

Late Thursday afternoon, President Biden strode out to the podium at the White House, held up his mask, and declared that, “In a significant part of the country, you wouldn’t have to take one of these off, you don’t have to put one on — like in my home state of Delaware, where I lived in New Castle County, [and] where I was yesterday in Pennsylvania — because people got vaccinated. They got vaccinated. They don’t need a mask when the majority — the vast majority of people got vaccinated.”

That’s not quite true; the two counties Biden mentioned aren’t much higher than the national average when it comes to vaccinations.

In New Castle County, Del., 49.8 percent of all residents are fully vaccinated, and 56.3 percent have one dose. While the county is far from a crisis, the trend lines for number of cases, hospitalizations, and percent of tests coming back positive are all increasing gradually. (30th July 2021) https://www.nationalreview.com/the-morning-jolt/what-bidens-vaccination-plan-gets-wrong/

We have the continuing drama in Afghanistan and I will be blogging about that again later, but now we have an issue nearer to home.

The increase in the cost of living and watching some poor chap this morning on Al Jeezera crying because he will now lose his rented accommodation was heartbreaking. He said “this is a nice area and I don’t belong here”. My blood was boiling…how dare an American President get someone to such a low point.

He works and will now be forced to live out of his car because the cost of living has gone up, and everything else is following it.

This has now hit the highest rate since 1990 and this has happened in the last 7 months. Biden and Harris cannot blame Trump for this. This is their disaster and they must own it.

Not only has the cost of living gone up but Nancy Pelosi recalled the Senate and it was not to push through an increase in evacuation efforts in Afghanistan, but rather that the wealthy political elite are now going to tax those who make the money in America.

By the way…you can guarantee the likes of Pelosi and Biden will make sure they don’t get hit with the tax increases.

A group of Republicans introduced a counter-proposal to Biden’s infrastructure plan which would cost between $600 billion and $800 billion, and would be funded by user-fees, like a gas tax, instead of tax hikes. Senate Minority Whip John Thune tweeted on Tuesday that Biden’s proposed tax hikes are part of a “socialist vision” for the country, repeating the Republican Party’s now-familiar playbook to label any Democratic policy proposal as socialist. In separate remarks in Congress today, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell reiterated his opposition to Biden’s infrastructure plans, calling them “another multitrillion-dollar smorgasbord of liberal social engineering.”

Nancy Pelosi defended the proposed tax hikes to fund Biden’s $4 trillion infrastructure plans. https://www.businessinsider.com/nancy-pelosi-biden-tax-increases-wealthy-corporations-infrastructure-2021-4?r=US&IR=T

So not content with hitting the tax earners for a higher tax rate, he is also going to hit them with a $4 trillion dollar bill. Don’t forget the $85 billion dollars worth of equipment he has left behind in Afghanistan for the terrorists to make use of.

The Democrats state that this money is for infrastructure projects but we had something like this from Jeremy Corbyn and he was soundly told no and why??? Someone has to pay for it.

Biden is now saddling the next generation and probably the one after that with a never ending tax bill and one that increases and never decreases. It will have to go up to cover the cost of what he is doing.

There is only ever one winner with this sort of spending and that is the rich who hold the reigns of real power……those who are in political power.

Biden, Harris and Pelosi state they plan to tax the rich but it is the rich who pay a large chunk of the tax system in the States. If you tax them too high they will take their money elsewhere and put a majority of people out of work.

We in the United Kingdom knew this when Corbyn was discussing taxing the rich. It does not work as they are rich enough to leave and take their wealth with them. Surely, and I am not a finance wizard here but surely it is better to get them to invest more and create more jobs?

If the rich go then the US Government will have to plug the hole somewhere, and that is where the middle income earners come in. It does not take too much knowledge to know that and he will tax you to the hilt after all he has his environmental target he wants to hit whether you want it or not.

The jobless has risen some 900,000 since Biden took over and yes I will repeat again….he said to Trump what happens on your watch is your fault and this is Biden’s fault and he is putting more and more people out of work.

After all look at what he did with the gas pipeline. He shut it down and threw hundreds of people out of a job and did not care one jot, and why?? He is a career politician who has no idea of what being an ordinary person is….and now he has to import your energy.

Hmm wonder whether a family member becomes enriched by that energy deal with the Russians!!!

After all his crack smoking son has made a fortune from his father being Vice President….and now he is President….the price doubled. KERCHING KERCHING KERCHING…. Why has there not been an investigation into Hunter Biden and his dodgy dealings?

He sells crappy art for $500,000 (despite never being an artist before and it shows 🙄🙄) and the Whitehouse prevent the buyers from bring named. This is nothing short of a bribe….to get them in the door of Bidens office.

His laptops…two of them containing the dodgiest dealings ever with the Ukraine, Russia and China. You would think it would be a security issue…but nope there is no investigation into any of it. Can you imagine if this was one of Donald Trumps children….God the uproar would have been deafening.

If it stinks like corruption then it is corruption and it’s all about money….and a corrupt President shielding his crack smoking corrupt son….and who us on the path to bankrupting the United States of America.

There are now more Americans living from pay cheque to pay cheque than ever before and that blame must rest with Biden, as his only concern is making his son rich…not the hard working Americans.

Facebook Charged Biden a Higher Price Than Trump for Campaign Ads – The  Markup

Biden might have bragged he was the most qualified politician but the proof is in the pudding and he has failed at so many levels, and sadly we will see stories again and again of families becoming homeless and where the dollar in their pocket has been savagely reduced that they cannot afford to make ends meet.

What is most terrifying is that he has collapsed a great nation in 7 months….he still has 41 to go. I wonder if your average hard working American can afford to have him in power for another 41 months….can America take it for much longer??

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