2 Suicide Explosions at Kabul Airport.

There have been 2 explosions outside of Kabul Airport. One was the Airport itself and the other was the hotel where Westerners and those Afghans wishing to leave are based. The report is that there are many dead and injured. The first reports are that the dead are Afghans and it is US troops who are injured. There are some 60 injured and it is climbing along with the death rate.

A suicide bomber has attacked Kabul airport, just hours after officials warned of an ‘imminent’ ISIS bomb threat, injuring US Marines and killing an unconfirmed number of Afghans.   The blast was outside The Baron Hotel, at the Abbey Gate of Kabul airport. Westerners were staying in the hotel before their evacuation flights.  At least three US troops were injured and an unconfirmed number of Marines were also hurt. It’s unclear if any Americans were killed in the explosion but harrowing scenes show bloodied Afghans being removed from the scene on wheelchairs. One witness reported that a baby was among those killed.  (dailymail.co.uk)

The Pentagon has no idea of the real number of casualties… but then when you look at the Generals in charge…I am wondering if they know what day it is as they are too busy chasing imaginary white rage insurgents in the States, instead of actually going after the terrorist bad guys.


We can guarantee that there will be many more than the original figure and it will be those desperate to flee who will be caught up in it. Women, children, the elderly and those who fought with the Allies, as we forget that there will be casualties in the streets surrounding the area, the masses of people wanting to get in. There has been reports of gunfire and we can assume that the Taliban have broken the word (not that anyone except Biden and Harris actually believed they would keep it), and they have allowed ISIS and Al-Qaeda to try and murder the innocent.

Afghan people who want to leave the country continue to wait around Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 26, 2021
Injured Afghans flee Kabul airport after a suicide bomber detonated an explosive outside the Baron Hotel, killing multiple people and injuring at least three US troops
Scenes from the ground show injured Afghans being removed in wheelchairs. Left, a view of the explosion on Thursday
Some of the victims of the suicide bombings.

The Taliban will now say that they have not done it as they are going to try and carry on kidding the world that they are now a peaceful government (seems only Sleepy Joe and Cackling Kamala believe them) and if you believe that this murdering group have changed,then let me sell you some tickets so that you can watch the fairies and little people at the bottom of my garden because if you are that gullible then you are as crazy as the American President.

Front and centre they are murdering terrorists and their chums are murdering terrorists and the fact is that the President of the United States has given murderers the clearest indication that he is a weak, fumbling old man and they have taken full advantage of this, because that is what bad guys do……

He has given them $85 billion dollars worth of equipment and the Taliban now own more Blackhawk helicopters than 85% of countries worldwide.

Alarming footage has emerged showing what appears to be a Taliban test of a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter

Biden and Harris did this and it seems our intelligence on the ground is coming from the Taliban and 13 have been murdered so far and it will rise. 3 US personnel have been injured and this is the fault of Biden…he must own this.

The explosion was outside the Baron hotel, which was next to one of the airport's busiest gates. Westerners were staying in the hotel before boarding flights

As many as 1,500 Americans remain stranded in Afghanistan with increasingly bleak options and this is the options they have been given…..; 

  • Hide in your homes and risk missing the chance to be flown out on one of the last evacuation flights
  • Make a run for the Pakistan border, which is now overrun with Afghans and nearly 200 miles away
  • Go to the airport, where there is a risk being blown up, shot at or getting lost in the crowd

Despite the escalating chaos, the US’s top diplomat made the astonishing claim on Thursday that it was ‘relatively safe’ on the ground and people should still be able to make their way there.  Well here’s an idea….deposit him in Kabul and see how he feels. These career diplomats annoy me… too quick to come up with really stupid sayings from the safety of their home. They are all armchair Generals until it comes to doing something and then the resignation letter comes in and if this un-named diplomat is the best they have got, how stupid are the rest of them??

Wow….is that really all the American Government can offer the people who are now STRANDED…yes Ms Psaki….they are STRANDED AND STRANDED BY THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT.

The UK Government are going to hold a crisis meeting or COBRA…but what can they do? The bad guys….you know the murdering terrorists, the abusers and haters of women and children are now in control and no doubt Boris Johnson will come out and say something statesmanlike whilst doing a whole lot of nothing. It seems sadly this is all our politicians do….a whole lot of nothing and more of the innocent die.

Belgium, Germany and the Danes have pulled out and it has been reported that they have left the Afghans who helped them…this does not sit well with me. What will happen the next time the West get involved in a country?? The locals won’t help them…why should they? Its not like they will get any help when needed in return. This is a shocking way to treat people.

For the life of me I cannot understand how some young man can get in a vehicle and drive it at a gate, a building or in the crowd to kill as many as possible and themselves. It is amazing how these old men who spout their hatred can persuade someone to become a suicide terrorist. Strange how these old men who do this cannot do it themselves. It really is a despicable thing to do and the innocent are the victims all the time.

It seems that the terrorists now have the possibility to down an aircraft! A military aircraft and it must be terrifying for those waiting to be gotten out of there and they will use it if they have it as that is what murdering bad guys do. Sleepy Joe will just walk off without taking any questions and Harris will just be laughing and laughing. It must be stated if they down an aircraft…then its war.

Sen. Kamala Harris' morning workout routine for mental focus

The mainstream media report that there are a significant number of casualties and it is now a case of wait and see…..to see what the human cost is of a failed President and Vice President who would not even listen to the intelligence service and refused to take the people out first rather than the military, and who refused to listen to his allies…and who refused to blow up the supply dumps…those supplies that the terrorists now have.

He is a man who refuses to do anything except word waffle, and if it is not on the cards written by others..then its not for discussion and how long do you reckon it will be before we sadly hear of the death of an American serviceman, and the retirement of Biden as he walks away from everything…even his own terrifying failure?

As the Republicans stated the first American Serviceman or women injured or murdered……then Biden must be held responsible and he has blood on his hands. For me, I would go further and say the blood of the innocent Afghans is on his hands too.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Twitter: "Joe Biden is a total failure and  unfit to be Commander-in-Chief. It's time to #ImpeachBiden!… "

Just see the failure of Biden and Harris….

Injured Afghans are removed from Kabul airport in the Baron Hotel, next to the airport in Kabul, after a suicide bomb attack on Thursday evening
The blast was outside The Baron Hotel, at the Abbey Gate of Kabul airport. Westerners were staying in the hotel before their evacuation flights
The blast was outside The Baron Hotel, at the Abbey Gate of Kabul airport. Westerners were staying in the hotel before their evacuation flights

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