Who are the UN talking too?? Yep themselves…

The Department for Strongly Worded Letters, useless meetings and speeches otherwise known to us as the United Nations have stuck their oar in to the situation in Afghanistan for the cameras of course….

Listening to countries such as Mexico and Ireland making demands….(don’t remember their armies being in the thick of it…..I maybe wrong but I doubt it), but it reminded me of the saying shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.

I have to ask who were they talking too? They were making demands of the Taliban, who we know will ignore it….after all what will they do?? Send another strongly worded letter in their reddest of red pens and in bold to make it look like they have authority?

Have these politicians learnt nothing in their endless merry-go-round of well paid political positions, and that is when the bad guy has won and in this case the dreadful bad guys have really won….making demands of them is liable to have the opposite effect? They are psychopaths for a reason….

Am I the only who sees this for what it is, the UN trying to justify its expensive existence when in reality they do nothing, achieve nothing but cost a fortune.

It would have been better to stay and fight for the rights of women and children, rather than leave at double quick time…but I am sure the UN can kid themselves the endless speeches this afternoon has made the vulnerable feel a lot safer, especially when middle aged old men come for the children as sex slaves…NOT….

Note for the UN….as if you need reminding but make sure you put in for your expenses for today!!!!, as the political round of expenses is really all that these people are best at.

Its an insult….it really is….

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