Afghanistan has fallen to the terrorists thanks to the Politicians.

The President of Afghanistan has fled the country, and the terrorist organisation known as the Taliban now control the majority of Kabul.

The Taliban has said they will soon declare the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from the presidential palace in Kabul as militants posed in the office
The Terrorists in the Presidential Palace.
Taliban militants were pictured inside the Presidential Palace in Kabul after the Afghan president fled the country

I am both surprised and somewhat taken aback that the President has fled and left his countrymen and women to their fate, but then without the backing of the West he knew the war was lost but it just a pity he did not take a stance for his country.

The blame game has started with Sleepy Joe Biden, the rather confused President of the United States and he is trying to say that it is the former Presidents fault but this mess has happened under Biden and Biden has to own it. Donald Trump had negotiated a deal and had threatened the terrorists if they went against it, and he took the time out to try and arrange for a handover that would not threaten the people and would respect the rights of the people, but Biden….oh no he has caused the biggest humanitarian crisis since the last one he mishandled ….the Mexican Border. 2 humanitarian crisis in 7 months…must be a new record of how not to run a country successfully. Note for my readers…if you need help do not send to the Whitehouse as they will do far worse than what you are going through.

It seems that the Afghan Military did not want to fight because it has been stated they have not been paid for 7 months. The Biden Administration was supposed to be paying their wages and when did Biden get into power…oh yes 7 months ago. He could not even pay those he expected to fight. What a total mess Biden has made.

All day I have listened to parents whose sons and daughters went to fight against the terrorists and who are now asking themselves was it worth it? The problem is that you get people such as Tony Blair and that Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama who coincidently dropped on average 3 bombs for every day of his administration (nothing says you are a man of peace than doing that) being the ones who make decisions. He declared the war was over despite knowing it wasn’t (again another untruth from a Politician) and who was his right hand man in all of this mess….yes the one and only Joe Biden. If countries made a ruling that the Politicians who declare war have to fight…trust me there would be world peace straight away. It seems Politicians just like to send other to fight wars but never them.

It has come in that Kabul Airport is now under attack and this is not going to end well as the terrorists smell victory, and how can you win against people who openly welcome death!!

Images show Kabul Airport descending into chaos as the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan continues
Kabul Airport.

I have not stopped thinking all day about the poor girls and women who will now be subject to the most barbaric ruling. One of the terrorist spokesman has stated that girls can continue their study till the age of 12 but it must be based on spiritual books. Dear god, how backwards are these people? The United Nations have produced a document that states that for a country to succeed it must allow their female population to become educated as women are the backbone of any country. It seems these backward terrorists hate women that much that they are happy to see their country go to ruin, rather than allow the women some form of life, and there were some 3.5 million females getting a full education in Afghanistan, as of today that will be ZERO.

Can you imagine how awful life is going to be for women now. Even the hairdressers are not allowed to advertise. The dark ages are missing the Taliban as that is where their ideology belongs. It does not belong in the 21st Century.

Our Government and Prime Minister has pitifully called back Parliament for 5 hours on Wednesday to discuss the situation. Why then? Why could he not call it back with 24 hours notice? Come Wednesday the women and children will be have been locked down and facing the most barbaric entity, and why 5 hours? It is an insult to those who have spent the last 20 years trying to pull Afghanistan into the modern era and all this Parliament can do is give them 5 hours….and no doubt they will be putting in for their taxpayer funded expenses. After all, what is the fall of a country when compared to their hands in the taxpayers till.

I was deeply saddened to see today that a former Marine writing this:

There are no words for what the West has done. We have abandoned these brave men and why were they not living in the West? There are some serious questions to be asked and where were our Politicians?? Dominic Raab the Foreign Secretary was on HOLIDAY and Boris Johnson was with the Olympic Team.

Boris Johnson blames US withdrawal for ‘accelerating’ Afghan collapse and vows to get Brits out in address made just hours after clowning around with Olympic athletes – and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab was on HOLIDAY. (daily mail) 

Boris Johnson said the US decision to withdraw from Afghanistan had ‘accelerated’ the current situation and said the Government is getting Britons out of the country ‘as fast as we can’, after he was seen posing for pictures with Team GB Olympians. The Prime Minister has earlier posed for publicity pictures with athletes at an event in London as Downing Street said ministers and senior officials would meet on Sunday afternoon to discuss the worsening situation, and it emerged Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab had flown back to Britain from his overseas holiday, breaking his silence on the war-torn country.

He said the world must tell the Taliban ‘the violence must end and human rights must be protected’.The Foreign Office refused to say where the Foreign Secretary was but said he was expected to land in the UK today. Now, following a meeting of Cobra, Mr Johnson said the situation in Afghanistan remains ‘difficult’, and the Government’s priority is ‘to make sure we deliver on our obligations to UK nationals in Afghanistan, to all those who have helped the British effort… over 20 years and to get them out as fast as we can.’

To Politicians this is nothing more than a nuisance and a chance to win PR points. Hands up those who think that they really care as I don’t. This has deeply sickened me and for me I hold no faith with any of them as all of them knew this would happen, and did nothing…after all can’t let such a thing as the fall of a country spoil your holiday eh Mr Raab?

I can see Wednesday at Parliament now…the Conservatives will back the PM who will say that we in Great Britain did everything we could, and Labour especially the looney left will jump on the bandwagon to try and score points but ask yourself….what have any of them done to actually highlight this? I will save you the time…NONE OF THEM DID ANYTHING.

The Prime Minister also said Britain will work with allies to try to prevent Afghanistan again becoming a ‘breeding ground for terrorism’. ‘I think it is very important that the West should work collectively to get over to that new government – be it by the Taliban or anybody else – that nobody wants Afghanistan once again to be a breeding ground for terror and we don’t think it is in the interests of the people of Afghanistan that it should lapse back into that pre-2001 status,’ he said.What the UK will be doing is working with our partners in the UN Security, in NATO, to get that message over. We don’t want anybody to bilaterally recognise the Taliban. We want a united position among all the like-minded, as far as we can get one, so that we do whatever we can to prevent Afghanistan lapsing back into a breeding ground for terror.’ He should have saved his hot air as the UN, NATO and the Allied Countries will do nothing and as far as lapsing back to 20 years ago with regards to the terrorists, they have already done that within 72 hours. The women, children and ethnic minorities are now subjected to draconian measures as well as facing torture, rape, abuse, beatings and murder. It took them 72 hours………..

The news is full of what Governments in the West will do. It does not take the brains of an Archbishop to know that they will do nothing. If the supposed greatest military in the world cannot beat a terrorist organisation with the weapons they have at their disposal, what on earth can anyone else do and the Taliban know that. They won’t care what the West thinks as they are dealing with the axis of evil and that is China and Iran. We need to make sure that Israel is kept safe as the despots who run these countries will be side by side with the terrorists, and the West has to realise that Afghanistan is lost and it will not be too far down the road before there is a famine, and we will see on our TV screens NGOs asking for aid, and how can we trust these monsters to give the aid to the people? We cannot give the Taliban legitimacy and we must not help them as with any change in a country, it has to be from the people within as the constant intrusion and regime changes that the West gets involved with does not work well. Infact we tend to cause such a power vacuum that the bad guy terrorists slip in and cause the deaths and destruction that we were aiming to stop. We in the West must stop doing that and we must never recognise these terrorists as the ruling power, because if we do that then we are abandoning the women and the children.

Where is the #MeToo movement? You know those women screaming from the rooftops because someone called them love or wolf whistled at them and other sexist things that caused faux outrage in La La Land….well ladies here are some real victims and women too, and female children who will have to run the gauntlet so I take it we can expect to see them out marching in support of the Afghanistan Women? Will they turn up demanding from the Taliban terrorists? Again, I will save you waiting THEY WILL DO NOTHING.

This is the United States of America’s Saigon moment and Biden needs to own this.

Children sleep on the ground in a makeshift camp at Shahr-e-Naw Park in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Saturday after fleeing their homes in parts of Afghanistan now occupied by the Taliban
Children sleeping on the ground in Kabul having fled terror, but it seems that the terror has caught up with them.
Refugees staying at the park fled to Kabul as the only major city in the country no longer under Taliban rule by Sunday
Fleeing from terror.
Senator Tom Cotton tweeted that the 'fiasco' was 'predictable' and had 'humiliated' the US
Senator Mitt Romney posted that he could not understand why the US had pulled out of the country
Former Secretary of State for Trump Mike Pompeo blasted the Biden administration, claiming the Trump administration had a plan for bringing troops out

Every assumption made by the Biden Administration has proved to be wrong….

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken declared the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan a “success.” That isn’t satire. This is as the death toll of Afghan civilians rises and Afghan women and girls as young as 12 are made into sex slaves. My god who are these people?

If these sort of people are the ones who are meant to defend the people of Afghanistan then no wonder it fell. This is way I have grown to seriously dislike Politicians as they just lie, lie and lie and spin. When history books look back at this period in history then it will not be the military who left those most vulnerable of people, but rather the Politicians who just use spin language instead of the truth.

Remember, Politicians have left the people to suffer…not the military. Remember this when you vote folks…you are voting for spineless jellyfish who will leave those who must need help and I don’t know about you, but they are not the sort of people I want in the big chair.

I will keep blogging about the crimes of the Taliban and how they terrorise women and children until someone picks it up and a movement begins, as surely there are people with a heart and who want just basic freedoms for women as no one should live in fear just because they are women.

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