Only 7 miles from Kabul….it is a humanitarian crisis

It has been reported that an advance column of Taliban terrorists are only 7 miles from Kabul. This is not good for those who have escaped the terror that is coming. It seems the creeping evil that the Taliban is determined to rape, murder and terrorise the nation, and it will not be long before Al Qaeda join their side because you know the two axis of evils will combine. It is only a matter of time.

Kabul has been surrounded by Taliban seized land and the citizens who have moved there for safety are now fearful
The steam roller of the Taliban.

We know that the final battle will be Kabul and with having nearly 4,000 Western Soldiers in the capital that might prolong the attack, but lets not kid ourselves they are there to get the selected few out. The only thing that we can be grateful for is that the Prime Minister has stated that all those who worked for the Allied Forces must be gotten out of Kabul and tasked the SAS with doing just that. We can deal with the paperwork at a later date but this must include their wives, children, parents and anybody else because the Taliban have already stated that they will kill those who worked for the Allies, and their families and one of the American Administration said this would constitute a war crime… kidding Sherlock!!

If it is a war crime then who will go in and arrest those who do it? It won’t be the Americans and it looks very sadly that it won’t be us. The UN is not interested in a British led fight….and we know that NATO will do nothing…so that’s it folks….Afghanistan has officially been abandoned.

It is true what one commentator said “The Taliban didn’t have to win, they just needed to wait out as they knew that the Americans would leave one day”, and it seems that the Taliban know their enemy better than the American Administration know theirs.

Oh and just for good measure to add insult to injury Sleep Joe has took himself off to Camp David till Wednesday. Why Wednesday? Well that is probably when the last helicopters will take off and the embassy will fall as it did in Vietnam. There has been a confirmation that the Americans have asked the Taliban to not attack their embassy! Wow….protect the building and kill the people. Biden thought the Taliban would keep their word and have a shared administration but we are talking the bad guys, since when do the bad guys who are winning actually keep their word? Even I know that they won’t and I am not in politics.

To appeal to the enemy to not bomb your building shows how far the USA has sunk, and then to say if you don’t we will give you aid when in power is breath-taking. How on earth do those soldiers and relatives of soldiers feel that the President of the United States of America and his administration are appealing to an enemy, and offering them aid when they have the blood of soldiers on their hands.

This is not going to end well for Afghanistan nor for those of us in the West when the caravan of immigrants fleeing terror start their journey West. It will not be fair on those countries who will have to have the millions fleeing, whilst the United States of America takes no responsibility and in all likelihood none of those fleeing. The President of the United States and the politicians must be made to own their mistakes and take people who are fleeing….as we must we. It is not the responsibility of countries to pay for the mistakes and the United States of America must take people as we have only pulled out because the Americans did. This is so shameful.

The Taliban are imposing draconian measures on women with the threat of death if they don’t comply, and this includes covering themselves, not leaving the house and no education. They had a Taliban Terrorists spokesman saying that girls can be educated to the age of 12 in an all female school, but they can only learn female subjects and must be married from 12 upwards. In other words they will learn nothing so it is not education, and then they must be married off to a paedophile to be raped. I don’t know how the World can look on whilst these middle aged old man get their hands on children……

There is no light at the end of the tunnel': Taliban reimposes draconian  restrictions on women
Draconian measures on Afghan women
Afghan warlords mobilise to counter Taliban onslaught | Financial Times

Nearly half of women in Afghanistan want to leave as they know the monstrosity and evil that is coming.

Inside Afghanistan: Nearly Half of Afghan Women Want to Leave
The look of terror on women’s faces .

If you are wondering why those soldiers of the Afghan Defence force are surrendering or running…then watch this:

This is the reality of how we in the West plan to tackle this…or rather not how to tackle it…

Former army officer and ex-defence minister Tobias Ellwood invoked Winston Churchill – the PM’s political hero – after the evacuation deployment was announced.  Ellwood, chairman of the defence committee, said on Twitter: ‘What would Churchill say? This is NOT our finest hour. What happened to GLOBAL BRITAIN and AMERICA IS BACK? The largest high tech military alliance ever – defeated by an insurgency armed with mines, RPGs and AK47s. We can and must do better.’

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace this morning said that the withdrawal of the US, the dominant military force in Afganistan, had meant the UK had to leave as well. He said there has been no international will to carry on without Washington’s involvement.

Former Defence Minister and Afghanistan veteran Johnny Mercer contested the idea that the UK cannot act alone in the central Asian country. The Conservative MP said the current situation was ‘deeply humiliating’, telling BBC Breakfast: ‘This idea we cannot act unilaterally and support the Afghan security forces is simply not true. The political will to see through enduring support to Afghanistan has not been there and a lot of people are going to die because of that, and for me that is extremely humiliating. ‘It’s a world tragedy and we are going to reap the repercussions of this over many years to come.’ 

It all comes little more than a month after US president Joe Biden said: ‘The likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely.’  Seems Sleepy Joe cannot even lie with conviction as this is nothing but a lie. He and the Administration knew that the Taliban would take Afghanistan, otherwise why did they send people to ask the Taliban to please, please, please do not attack the embassy. If they thought in reality that the Taliban would not take the area, why did they contact them?

All we can do now is look on with shame. One of Biden’s puppets stated that in the last 20 years they have spent billions in infrastructure and given the people of Afghanistan a freedom they had not known before, well that makes it worse. The West has now wasted billions as the terrorists will tear everything down, the freedoms they had begun to enjoy have been taken back in one terrorist swoop. After all, according to the Taliban you can be murdered for playing the wrong kind of song, and finally the cost in military lives.

No wonder you have so many veterans saying they are ashamed…..but then this was never in their hands but the hands of politicians and that was our first mistake, trusting the snakes in the grass who sit in the big chairs.

My heart breaks for what is coming to the most innocent of innocent and the Western Governments will be the ones with blood on their hands as they offered hope, and the people of Afghanistan embraced it with both hands and their hearts and now we are leaving them to the terrorists. Shocking and shameful.

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