HM The Queen must not hide her favourite son.

Nobody is above the law and the continued stalling of Prince Andrew, The Duke of York is becoming a national and international embarrassment on the world stage.

I feel so sorry for HM The Queen who has been exemplary in her service to the country, and to think that this year alone she has lost her beloved husband, had her grandson and his wife behaving like spoilt brats by spreading lies about the family for money, and now this. Is it never going to end for her. She is 95 years old and should not be having this drama, she should be looking back at the glorious years of her reign and the future of the Windsors….but sadly she has this.

I don’t know whether it is true or not with regards to the lawsuit, but the more The Duke of York squirms and avoid the situation the more he looks guilty. An innocent person should not fear the law and especially someone with the money, clout and access to the best legal minds in the world that he has. He should be helping the investigation certainly not hindering it.

There is a question to answer with regards to him and his ex wife’s continued money grabbing reputation as we have read again and again that his ex wife apologises for taking money from a paedophile, but still took it calling it a misjudgement…yawn…these people really are the bottom feeders and to think they want to be curtsied and have all the trappings that go with their titles especially from the little people……. it is scummy really and then the Duke himself flying round on a private jet to a private island surrounded by 18 years old!! What on earth is a portly middle aged man as he was then doing on this island. It is nasty and smacks of someone who thinks they can get away with doing whatever they want. Well wake up call Prince Andrew….you can’t.

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He has been removed from the public duties and he now needs to be removed from the line of succession and his HRH, not his daughters by the way as they have done nothing wrong and it amazes with the two train wrecks they have as parents, how they managed to turn out to be so grounded! Wonders never cease…

It is not like the days of old when some poor servant or lower noble person took the blame, Andrew must take responsibility for what he has done and if he says he has not done the things the accusers says he has…then prove it. Help the police and the lawyers with the information and it could well be something that could then be dismissed, however the fact that he is dragging it on and on is making it far worse for the Royal Family and that is unfair on those who do a good job like the Cambridge’s, Prince Charles and his wife, the Wessex’s and above all HM The Queen.

It is not doing anyone any favours by protecting him anymore and it is time he was made to face whatever he is accused off and to let the law take it course. After all, if that was anybody else they would not be protected and the USA would be making application to have them extradited…so why is the law different from him?

HM The Queen must show the British public and those in America that she is not prepared to thwart the law at all, and that nobody in her family is above the law and that will go such a long way with people as all they can see now is that rich, over privileged, snotty brat is getting away with it again. It is well documented what a brat Andrew has been all his life and his arrogance is the result of him being given everything, and it must stop.

He does not have diplomatic immunity and to continue to stall it will damage the Royal Family and both the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge must insist he cooperates to the fullest extent, or there might not be a throne for young George to inherit as all it shows is that there is a clear difference between them and us, and in the 21st Century….it really should not be allowed.

Saying that I admire HM The Queen and she is a great ambassador for this country and has never done a thing wrong, but what a pity some members of her family have turned out the way they are but when it is time to pay the piper, nobody must stand in the way.

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God Save Her Majesty the Queen and long may she reign over us, but may she also find the wisdom and show the world her son is not above the law.

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