The NHS backlog and when will we see a Consultant/Doctor in charge?

5.45 million patients are now in need of routine treatment, and this does not include those in need of urgent treatment. I know that people will find this upsetting and demoralising but take a step back and think what this is doing to NHS staff. Doctors are warning that the NHS and its staff isContinue reading “The NHS backlog and when will we see a Consultant/Doctor in charge?”

An Open Letter to Boris Johnson and Joe Biden.

Dear Prime Minister and President Biden, I am writing to ask is there an exit strategy for the most vulnerable in Afghanistan, especially now the British and the American forces have pulled out? I understand that the American Air Forces are giving limited blanket bombing, but is this a strategic bombing or just dropping bombsContinue reading “An Open Letter to Boris Johnson and Joe Biden.”

The Taliban capture another city…its TENTH.

The Taliban have now captured another city and this is only 80 miles from Kabul, the Capital. The city of Ghanzi is now in the hands of the Taliban and this is getting terrifyingly close to the capital as there are hundreds of thousands who are in residence there after fleeing, and it now looksContinue reading “The Taliban capture another city…its TENTH.”

HM The Queen must not hide her favourite son.

Nobody is above the law and the continued stalling of Prince Andrew, The Duke of York is becoming a national and international embarrassment on the world stage. I feel so sorry for HM The Queen who has been exemplary in her service to the country, and to think that this year alone she has lostContinue reading “HM The Queen must not hide her favourite son.”