We have not just abandoned Afghanistan, we have abandoned those who need us the most.

The British Defence Minister has confirmed that NATO will not work with Great Britain to send British led NATO soldiers back into Afghanistan. Is anyone surprised? When did NATO really do anything worthwhile? All they seem to do is send strongly worded letters which account for the square root of nothing. Donald Trump was right…they are a waste of time, money and effort and the only people who seem to benefit from the NATO organisation are those who work in it.

Leaving Afghanistan is a mistake. It is our mistake and the mistake of the Americans as we have left those who are the most innocent of innocent the women and children to the clutches of a terrorist organisation, and that this will not end well for them.

The Taliban Advance Escalates in Afghanistan - WSJ
A Taliban Terrorist

The Taliban have already demanded that villagers hand over their women from the ages of 12 to 45 to become the sexual slaves of the Taliban. We know that this is the start of the terror regime that is going to be visited on women and girls and the world will stand by and do nothing.

Taliban fighters are going door-to-door and forcibly marrying girls as young as 12 and forcing them into sex slavery as they seize vast swathes of the Afghanistan from government forces.  Jihadist commanders have ordered imams in areas they have captured to bring them lists of unmarried women aged from 12 to 45  for their soldiers to marry because they view them as ‘qhanimat’ or ‘spoils of war’ – to be divided up among the victors. Fighters have then been going door-to-door to claim their ‘prizes’, even looking through the wardrobes of families to establish the ages of girls before forcing them into a life of sexual servitude.  (DailyMail)

Hundreds of thousands of Afghanis have been displaced from their homes in recent weeks by fighting, with fears that could swell to millions if entire country falls (pictured)
Fleeing the terrorist…..the look of fear on this child’s face makes me weep.


There are reports that China will work with the Taliban but lets not kid ourselves, China doesn’t care one jot about the women and children in Afghanistan as they are just after the minerals and whatever else they can get their hands on, and it is closer to India and the Chinese are determined to annoy India at any cost. China is a country that is committing genocide on its own people so it is not a great leap to think that they won’t care how or who runs the country just so long as they get their hands on it.

We cannot allow either the Taliban or China to get their hands on the people. I don’t really care about the country but I do care about those who we should be protecting, as if we don’t protect them then Afghanistan is not a country, but a hell hole where the citizens are now prisoners.

For twenty years we in the West have given the women and children of Afghanistan a taste of freedom that they had not known, and yes I know that we in the West have spent a fortune on the Military there but when you go into a country then you make a commitment to that country, and telling the Afghan Military that they must fight for their country is a bit of a slap in the face.

They know they must fight but they thought that the military in the West would fight with them as even I know that the Afghan military is not strong enough, so if I can see it…why can’t politicians? In answer to my own question….they can and they just chose to ignore it.

It will not be long before ISIS start to begin talks with the Taliban to spread the terror (After all they both hate the West and that gives them something to agree on), and then we are opening up another front when we really should have cut it down, but nobody in the political sphere wants to fight for the rights of others, despite telling them for years that we are with them.

We have in effect abandoned the Afghans and we have abandoned them to the grasping tentacles of terrorists. The military would not have wanted to abandon them, we and the Americans have lost too many men and women to just walk away but sadly we are controlled by politicians. Politicians who have not served one day in the military, after all look at the Head of NATO. He has been a career politician all his life and has had a very nice cushy life courtesy of taxpayers. He has no idea what it is like to be that frightened that you have to flee your home as that is what will happen. We have a President in the United States and a Prime Minister in the United Kingdom who have no idea what it means to fight for their country. Oh they talk a mean talk but that is it and they do it for their own political sake and nothing more. They don’t care…I firmly believe that they don’t.

Those women and children who can flee the terrorists will have the most dreadful of journeys to achieve the aim of the life they were promised by the West, but because of being abandoned…they must flee.

Taliban official says comments on women at Afghan peace talks were  'misconstrued'

There will be no human rights nor rights for women and girls in Afghanistan so is the #MeToo movement going to start marching for them? I won’t waste my breath waiting for them to actually do it and whilst they are too busy rallying against the freedoms they have, the real victims will be murdered, raped and abused because we in the West have abandoned them.

I have no idea why we even went in to Afghanistan in the first place…except for some politician wanting to look hard and war like to the public, but in we went and now its abandonment. Well when they decide to do that again, lets insist they are the first people in as now it looks to those we have abandoned that the West cannot be relied upon to offer them safety and that is shocking.

I never thought I would be ashamed of what we have done but I am ashamed as we have left the weakest in the Afghanistan society at the mercy of monsters.

The terrorist Taliban organisation has already stated that there is no schooling for females, there is to be no employment for women and that women must be covered at all times and that they cannot leave their houses without a male. There is to be no singing, no dancing and nothing to celebrate who they are. What a horrible predicament to find yourself in and you can do nothing to stop it There will be no rights for them and we have in effect just thrown the rights of women back four hundred years and there is nobody to stop them.

Meanwhile terrified locals who fled the city of Kunduz – captured by the Taliban last week – have told of reprisal attacks carried out by jihadist fighters who hunted down anyone linked to the government and beheaded or executed them.  The Taliban has now captured nine of Afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals and placed most of the country’s largest cities under siege in a lighting-fast assault that has seen government forces largely capitulate.  (DailyMail).

We in the West are now responsible for this mess and if we do nothing else then we must get the women and the children the hell out of there. We must not expect the weakest in society to do the job we were doing and then just decided one day to stop. I would love to ask the Head of NATO how does he sleep at night? Probably very nicely without any issues knowing him to be a politician, but there are women who are terrified for their daughters who will be forcibly raped into submission and those who don’t will be murdered, and where their sons will be forced to join the terrorist organisation and who will be beheaded if they don’t. This is dragging people back to the dark ages.

There are 3 female Governors who know that their time is limited and who are willing to pick up a gun and fight but when you are outnumbered by murdering fanatics, my advice to them would be to leave and leave now. The Taliban is nothing more than a dark evil monstrosity who should have been destroyed and never allowed to rear their ugly, women hating head but because we failed to do it and because the President of the United States decided to pull out. I blame both Biden and Trump for this…. as well as our Government….we have abandoned children….children….who should be the ones we do protect. After all, what is the point of having a military when you will not protect those who need it the most?

My heart is breaking for those who today will be living the nightmare that few of us will know and that is to dread the knock on your door, or in the case of the Taliban the kicking in of the door and where you will be dragged out and sexually abused, raped and murdered because you are a woman, and where no one in the world is going to come to your rescue.

Did we learn nothing from the genocide and rape of the Yazdi people when ISIS tore through the Middle East? The pain and suffering will last years and years with them and is that not enough for one century?

What on earth has happened to this world? We are too busy being offended at something that pales into comparison with what these women and children have to go through. We still have the rights of speech, the rights of freedom, the rights to go to work, the rights to marry who we want regardless of their sex, the right to go out of the house….without a male…yet these poor women have none of that. Yet, the West seems to be more interested in a faux outrage rather than the plight of women and children.

It is disgusting and shame on those politicians and organisations who are leaving them to this. To say that the Afghan Army should fight is just passing the buck as we know that the closer the Taliban get, the more likely they are to put down their weapons as they will be scared for their family. After all, who will be there to back them up to carry on fighting? It certainly won’t be us and they know that.

Great Britain and the United States of America have spent billions in Afghanistan, and have paid the price of our brave servicemen and women and for what? You ask any serving military personnel and they will say that they went to fight to give freedom to the Afghan people and the ability to make their own decisions and democracy, that is what military people do and that is why they fight.

Now, thanks to politicians who have never done anything but be politicians this ability to give the freedoms that our military so desperately wanted for the Afghans will no longer be the goal. Instead we have to stand by and watch a human catastrophe and it will be the weakest who will pay it.

The Taliban has captured nine of Afghanistan's 35 regional capitals in less than a week, with the cities of Pul-e Khumri and Faizabad in the country's north falling into the Islamist's hands overnight
The state of Afghanistan.

Assessments of the security situation are increasingly grim, with US intelligence sources warning the heavily-defended capital of Kabul – one of the few cities not currently under attack by the Taliban – could fall in as little as a month, handing control of the country back to the Islamists.  American officials had previously said Kabul could hold out for between six months to a year after US forces withdrew, but have now dramatically downgraded that assessment after a series of victories for the Taliban.

Those involved in providing security for American diplomats in Kabul told the Washington Post that they are now contingency planning for how to get their staff out in the event that security collapses within 90 days. Others put the time-frame even shorter, saying a collapse is possible within just 30 days

Afghan displaced people who fled from their homes during the fighting carry their belongings in a public park in Kabul
This is the reality …. people fleeing the terrorists.
Afghan displaced children who fled from their homes during the fighting take shelter in a public park in Kabul
Displaced children….

We cannot just stand by and do nothing and President Biden is adamant in his decision that they will not help in a military fighting capacity. The British Defence Minister has tried to come up with a solution and been turned down and now it seems the world has abandoned Afghanistan and the weakest in their society, and there must now be the most terrible of realisations that nobody is coming to their aid and that in reality, the politicians of this world just do not care.

It is shameful and we in the West will be the ones who should be held responsible for what will happen to the women and children, and lets not forget those who do not want to fight but who just want to live their lives without terror being visited on them. I cannot imagine the horror that awaits them.

The rape and terrorising of Afghanistan has now begun…and nothing or no one is going to stop it….

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