Writing a new blog about something that affects me deeply….

My disability….

I have had some emails asking me why I have not been writing as much as I normally have and it is because I was doing something I had planned to do for a long time, and that is to write about how life is as a disabled person.

I was not born disabled but rather I am the result of an idiotic accident and have had to live like this for more than half my life. It will go into detail about how it happened, the initial impact on my life and then the long term impact and the continued impact it has upon my life.

It will not all be doom and gloom but will have some light moments in it, and it will be a journey of finding out what it is I can do as a disabled person, and how it changed me in a lot of ways. It robbed me of so much regarding my ability to do things, but strangely enough gave me more of a patience for those who struggle everyday, and I find myself telling people again and again that I might be disabled but I do not expect to get treated as though I struggle to understand the basics, and that is where I do become shall we say bad tempered.

It is a journey of my life and how it changed for me. I had gone from being very fit, after all I had been in the Army and I could run and run, to someone who is now struggling to walk unaided.

It is a journey of life and of discovery both good and bad and the ability of the human spirit to overcome whatever life throws at it, so please join me on my journey when it is fully published.

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