They’re back….

Sky News Australia were banned by YouTube for darring to go against their narrative. Who are these boring people who get permanently offended at everything? Get a life and a sense of humour….jeez they must be as dull as dishwater… This creeping onwards of people determined to stop our voices needs to be stopped, demolishedContinue reading “They’re back….”

This is such a sad statistic

It is about time the contribution made by servicemen and women to our freedoms are acknowledged, and backed up by support. Here in the United Kingdom….illegal immigrants tip up on the shores and get a 4* hotel and money, help and do gooders falling over themselves to help. Meantime the number of homeless servicemen andContinue reading “This is such a sad statistic”

When you contact your MP….

With a legitimate set of questions like this person did…..and read to the end…Ms Chatlotte Nichols did what she always does….swore at him. We have 2 MPs in Warrjngton .. we know Mr Carter’s position on the council debt .. the secrecy in council.. the greenbelt issues . Has anyone ever heard Ms Nichols commentContinue reading “When you contact your MP….”