Sir Keir Starmer says that Labour has to embrace their inner Tony Blair……

Sir Keir Starmer has warned Labour must embrace the political legacy of Tony Blair as he plans an autumn reboot of his struggling leadership
Sir Keir said the party has to be 'proud' of the achievements of the last Labour government and must not treat it as something to be kept at 'arm's length'

Sir Keir Starmer has stated that the Labour Party must embrace the legacy of Tony Blair to move forward…..

What legacy is that Sir Keir??

Was it the lies that cost Iraq hundreds of thousands their lives, or the murder of British Servicemen and Women because they did not have the right equipment and were sent in ill prepared?

Was it the lack of planning for what to do after the war and where the power vacuum left enabled ISIS to grow and cause murder, abuse, suffering and crimes against humanity for the region?

The legacy were Blair lied to Parliament by saying that Saddam Hussein could hit Cyprus with WMDs in 45 minutes. These same WMDs that never materalised?

The legacy of Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell that cost one Dr David Kelly his life?

The legacy of Tony Blair where his Chancellor one Gordon Brown was forced to retract his statement that defence spending had grown when it was infact the opposite? The truth being that they reduced the defence budget despite sending out our Armed Forces.

The legacy of Tony Blair where Peter Mandelson openly admitted they went round the world looking for immigrants to come in to Britain as it would guarantee them a vote…(got that wrong), but he did open up the country to what we have now:-

An increase in terrorist activities.

Deciding to give the IRA terrorists a get out of jail free card without informing parliament or the people.

Restricted access to the NHS as it cannot cope with the increase of people.

Choice of schools being restricted.

No housing for our own home grown people, and where veterans are on the streets.

The increase in crimes.

The inability to see a GP due to waiting lists.

The benefits bill going sky high.

Gordon Brown selling off our gold reserves at ridiculously low costs.

Or the Tony Blair legacy that when the country finally voted in the Conservatives we were informed that the Labour Government had actually spent all OUR TAXES.

Or the Tony Blair who spent years trying to thwart the will of the people over Brexit.

Is this the legacy that Sir Keir Starmer is wanting to use and if so…..I can guarantee that Labour will never get in as Tony Blair has a legacy that is as toxic as Jeremy Corbyn and people will see this for what it is.

I can only assume that Sir Keir has no idea why his party is not working and is grasping at straws. Well I can tell him why people don’t like his party… is full of people like race baiting Diane Abbott, terrorist loving anti Semite John McDonnell, race baiting Dawn Butler, or Naz Shah who as Shadow Community Secretary tells trafficked abuse victims to shut up for the sake of diversity and all the other looney left that people cannot stand and he needs to rip up the party rules, restart the party and drop the dead weight …. oh and let somebody else be leader as his tricks to stop Brexit are well documented, his failure to stop the disgusting anti-semetism is well documented and his failure to understand the British public is legendary.

The Labour party are finished and that is a shame as all Governments should have a robust and decent opposition, but sadly with the present bunch of clowns in the Labour party they are neither. It is time to go back to the drawing board….but taking the legacy of a man who is viewed as a war monger and a murderer really is not the legacy he should be chasing, and he should not be surprised when he loses the next election.

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