OFGEM all talk and no action well not for the customers…..

Today 15 million people learned that their gas and electric bills will be going up by £139 in October.

Ofgem who seem to be doing the work of the Gas and Electric companies complains that this is because the wholesale cost has gone up during the last 6 months of lockdown.

Hang on a minute…..all we are told is that they buy this years in advance and yet I and millions of others have not seen any reduction in costs, in fact it has been the opposite and it is constantly going up and up and making the shareholders, the Directors and anyone else with a financial interest in the firms a lot richer.

What does it do for us? Makes us economically poorer and in the case of some it will be a decision between heating and eating.

This is nothing more than daylight robbery and shame on OFGEM for doing their work for them. This is ripping off the customers year after year, and I don’t know about you but I am getting really fed up of lining the pockets of CEOs and Directors who are just greedy beyond belief.

OFGEM have proved themselves to be toothless and not worth its existence.

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As for the Energy Companies this is just pure greed and adding to the burden of those who are already struggling.

Why has a Government Minister not got hold of this and demanded that it is lowered? The MPs, Government Ministers, CEOs, Directors and anyone else in power ignore the plight of those who are most in need….it is pure greed…

Energy bills for 15 million households will increase by at least £139 to a record high from October due to a rise in wholesale prices, the UK’s energy regulator has announced. Watchdog Ofgem said on Friday that energy customers on default tariffs paying by direct debit will see the sharpest jump in prices since the cap was introduced, taking average bills to £1,277 – up from £1,138.  Pre-payment customers will see costs rise by £153, from £1,156 to £,1309 as charities said an increase to Ofgem’s energy price cap ‘could not be coming at a worse time’ for the many people out of work or short of money due to the pandemic. (www.dailymail.co.uk)

‘I appreciate this is extremely difficult news for many people. My commitment to customers is that Ofgem will continue to do everything we can to ensure they are protected this winter, especially those in vulnerable circumstances.’ said Chief executive Jonathan Brearley of OFGEM. Gee thanks Jonathan….if this is your commitment to customers then I would really hate to see it when you don’t want to help us!!!!

That to me says a whole of lot of virtual signalling whilst doing the opposite and he needs to just keep quiet as that comment makes it worse. OFGEM can and will do nothing to help people this winter….as they did nothing last winter, nor the one before that…nor the one…..if you get my drift. It is one of those useless organisations that really you have to question WHAT IS IT THEY DO?

It is pure greed nothing else….pure greed….and the poorest in society will pay for this greed.

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