Iran the rogue state could be ten weeks away…

Iran could acquire enough nuclear material to build a bomb within just 10 weeks, Israel has warned.

Defence minister Benny Gantz sounded the alarm over Iran’s nuclear stockpile at the UN security council this week, urging world leaders to take action. ‘Iran… is only around 10 weeks away from acquiring weapons-grade materials necessary for a nuclear weapon,’ Gantz said.

Benny Gantz

This must not be allowed to happen but with Sleepy Joe in power it won’t be stopped unless Israel and Mossad step in. Sleepy Joe is continuing the work of Obama who for some reason managed to persuade the crazy leaders in the West with the story that it is for energy. Oh yes!!! really and which fool believed that one? Well it seems all of them….god help us.

This is what it is ….. this is a Jewish hating rogue state that is determined to get its hand on a bomb and we know the target….after all their religious leaders have said that they want to wipe Israel of the face of the earth.

The chief of general staff of Iran’s armed forces, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri, issued a fresh warning March 16 against Israel. “Iran has acquired what it takes to blow up the Zionist regime,” Bagheri said. He said the potential “removal of the child-killing, malicious, fake regime from the political geography of the region is no illusion, but rather a genuine power that Iranian forces have gained with resolve and faith.”

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This must not be allowed to happen and we cannot rely on the leaders in the West and Sleepy Joe doesn’t know what time of day it is….so it is now the hands of Israel and we must back them one hundred percent in the decision it takes, and if that means levelling the facility then they have to do what they have to do as currently Israel cannot rely on the blithering old man in the Whitehouse.

The West has been made a fool of and it is akin to give an arsonist a box of matches. This is not good for the world and it is not good for Israel.

Iran has the capability of enriching enough uranium to weapons-grade level to build a nuclear bomb within just 10 weeks, Israel has warned (pictured, Iranian nuclear centrifuges)
Iran is making weapons grade uranium.

You have the so called weapon experts saying that Iran is two years away because they do not have the technology! Are they really that stupid? Do they not think that China and Russia are helping them? This is not 2 years away from the making but months and now Israel must take its own fate in its hands and stop this.

Benny Gantz told the security council that words are not enough to deter such attacks, and that ‘deeds’ are necessary. He spoke just hours before Iran swore in its next president, hardliner Ebrahim Raisi who is known as the ‘Butcher of Tehran’ for his role in executing opponents of the regime back in the 1980s.

Raisi is no friend of the West, and his election in a ballot that was highly controlled by the regime is seen as a signal that Iran’s foreign policy will become more hostile. During his inauguration speech on Thursday, Raisi officially committed himself to renegotiating a nuclear deal with western powers that was signed under Obama and torn up by Trump. You have to ask yourself…what is Obama getting out of this? Maybe we need to look at his closet and the skeletons he has hidden!!!

No USA President in their right mind would give this out of control hate filled rogue state the chance to acquire anything nuclear, yet Obama did……there is something really not right there……

We cannot allow this rogue state to have the capacity and capability to threaten Israel and it has to be stopped and if the Western leaders are so stupid to fall for it, then Israel must realise that their fate is in their own hands and by knocking out their ability to make nuclear weapons, they are doing the world a favour and we must back them up….as it will cost Israel dear to protect the world from the destruction Iran wants to visit on us.

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