Biden is not going after the terrorists…he is wanting to employ one…

Biden has nominated Tracey Stone-Manning to head up the Land Management department.

Thing is Ms Stone-Manning was part of a murderous crew who put spikes in trees so that when cut down, they would kill the employees of logging firms and they know this because she sent them a letter. It was a rather potty mouthed letter outlining what had happened…so it’s not hearsay…She is a home grown terrorist.

It is awful the carnage this woman and her mob were planning to inflict as if a saw hit it, it would shatter and send shrapnel flying everywhere and would actually kill someone, but in true leftist style she turned States evidence when they came for her. She doesn’t even have the backbone to stand by her conviction.

Has Biden totally lost his marbles? BTW these trees still have the spikes in and one day it will kill someone.

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