What on earth is wrong with Wayne Rooney?

Another story of Wayne Rooney being ruled by a part of his body and its not his brain…… What on earth is wrong with him? He has a loving wife and 4 beautiful sons at home…why is a 35 year old man going to nightclubs when his wife has taken the children to Wales with their grandparents for a break?

He must have a self destruct button and needs help.

Coleen Rooney's fans can't get over transformation at £6million home - see  photos | HELLO!

He has the sort of life that few could dream of and yet he seems determined to wreck it.

It seems that Rooney called the police to launch a criminal investigation and they did and now closed it. In effect “nothing to see here…move along”. Police told MailOnline they had spoken to the ‘person involved’ who does not wish to ‘take the matter any further’, but sources close to Rooney said on Tuesday night that the footballer was ‘surprised’ the investigation had been dropped. He spent a good hour talking to police officers and it has come out of the blue that they have decided to end the inquiry so quickly.  I think they closed it so quickly is because he has previous form and lets face it….how many of us actually believe his claim?

Rooney has had some very unsavoury characters in his past and the video of him walking to a £60 a night hotel with the two “ladies” behind him is staggering….. How can he say he was set up when it was 0530am and he is in their hotel room?

I am not going to post a picture of the “ladies” in their “outfits” as I think he is being a stupid fool. I feel sorry for his wife as he is humiliating her at national level, and the fact that she believes him shows that she has misguided loyalties but she is still loyal to him and he needs to treasure that but he won’t and we will see this happening again and again.

Why on earth is he so determined to throw that away? Does he not care that one day his children will read of his antics as it is on the web and how disappointing would it be to read what your dad has been up to, and how he has hurt mum. He will have some questions to answer when his children are old enough and boy will they be uncomfortable. Sadly, the children as they get older will be taunted over their dad’s antics at their school and they will need all the love of mum when that happens and Mrs Rooney’s love of her sons is never brought into question….

Derby County Football Club states that his managership is now on a knife edge as it is not the sort of story they want in the papers. People want to see a manager who wins at football and not just winning at picking up women in a nightclub. You really have to ask what sort of women allow this?

His self destruct button needs to be deactivated and that can only be by his wife and how hurt she must be to yet again see their life dragged through the mud and by her husband of all people. She needs to have him on a leash, Derby County need to have him on a leash otherwise his destruct button will go boom and lets not forget that there are 4 children here.

One photo which went viral on Sunday shows Rooney leaning in on one blonde woman at a nightclub. The former England striker is said to have gone to the police over an alleged 'set up'

Even if we believe the “ladies”…what sort of people set up a camera for their 5 minutes of fame and money when there are children in this story? Are people really that shallow that they are happy to create such a problem that the children could end up in a broken home due to their and lets not forget his gross antics. Not very nice people all round really and I believe until he actually has to face what he has done….it won’t change.

My thoughts go out to his wife and especially his 4 beautiful boys as he owes it to them to behave and he is too old to be hitting nightclubs now, and definitely too old to be following 21 year olds back to a cheap room in Manchester. Nasty…..cheap and nasty …….

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4 thoughts on “What on earth is wrong with Wayne Rooney?

  1. 💜 I Totally Agree with this Treatise on Mr Rooney SupaSoulSis and I AM Gonna Offer an Opinion; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that YOU!!! Cannot Say YOU!!! Have NOT!!! Asked for Opinions because this a Public Forum…which segues in to Being in The Public Eye and Experiencing MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues); a Mere Mortal cannot even begin to imagine the STRESSES!!! and PRESSURES!!! of Being a Public Figure that Money and Materialism alone Do NOT ASSUAGE!!!…sure there ARE Those who SEEMLY cope very well yet We don’t know what Goes On in Private until we Look at pictures of a black eyes, bruising, lacerations et al or read a Report of an ‘Amicable Separation’; then there ARE Those We Destructively Criticise as Foolish Lunatics without having read Their Psychological Profile (Wayne has a “Brain” 🤯 really 🤔 ?)…basically one finger pointing out, three fingers pointing in EveryOne; please Be Cautious when Criticising Others because you may just be Looking in YOUR!!! Mirror and Talking About YOURSELF!!!



    1. Thank you for your reply however the discussion was about him getting help, and appreciating what he has which is a lovely family. Why would he want mincemeat when he has steak at home!

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  2. 💜 I Hear YOU!!! Loud and Clear SupaSoulSis; please Allow Me to Share My Divorce Story…met, married, Expectations Changed, Divorced; end of story…to expand, Devotion is Seen Clearly in Grey Sex; if a Girl, a Boy or Other Gender is as Devoted as Their Partner then it’s Smooth Sailing Dealing with The Odd Episode of Rough Weather hence Taking The Rough with The Smooth…what if SHE!!! is Only Interested in The Prestige and The Money with a Total Absence of Love; what if these Fleeting, Flirting, Moments of His Peccadilloes ARE to Remind Him He is in a Marriage that is Difficult to Escape and then Find True Love, what if 🤔 ?


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