Starmer mocks the Prime Minister

Over the plans from the Prime Minister to have a named officer for victims of crime. The idea being that people who were affected would have the name of someone they can contact instead of being sent endlessly round the telephone system of the local police station. If it can be done it is aContinue reading “Starmer mocks the Prime Minister”

When vileness, offensiveness and hate is given a platform…

I am of course talking about Kate Shemirani. A woman who has been struck off as a nurse and is one of the prominent anti-vaxxers who it seems has persuaded a few (very few) people to listen to her offensive garbage. This woman has compared Nurses and Doctors who have given the vaccination to NaziContinue reading “When vileness, offensiveness and hate is given a platform…”

Is the Chancellor going after the Triple Lock Pension Guarantee?

I read with some growing alarm that the Government and especially the Chancellor are discussing cancelling the Triple Lock Guarantee for Pensioners. This would be disastrous for the Conservatives if they did for many reasons. First of all what is the triple lock? At present, the state pension increases each year in line with theContinue reading “Is the Chancellor going after the Triple Lock Pension Guarantee?”