Never trust journalists…

A journalist in Germany is seen covering her face in mud to con the viewers that she was helping with the rescue following the flooding.

This is the worst you will see as it gives people whose relatives are trapped false hope that someone cares. Well she doesn’t and for her it’s just another story, another way for her to be front and centre and if she had gotten away with it, she would have taken the platitudes of what a wonderful caring person she is, followed by no doubt promotion….it all just sticks in craw as devious and outrageous.

In reality she uses the desth, destruction and misery of a disaster for her own benefit and that is low.

It’s not only low but bordering on disgusting and disgraceful. Thankfully she was recorded doing it and fired.

This goes to show what I say time after time and that is mainstream media and their journalists only want you to see their narrative, and in this case her truth which was nothing more than untruths and using the distress to her advantage.

Seriously how low do you have to be to come up that nasty!!!

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One thought on “Never trust journalists…

  1. I wouldn’t go so far as to no longer trust any journalist at all. Especially since I am one. But a healthy mistrust is appropriate. There are “war reporters” with helmets and fragmentation vests 40 kilometers from the front. Or you dirty yourself so that you can see the reporter’s work. Cheap tricks – but that’s how the people want it. I don’t do that though.


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