Miteim – my new blog site is up and running.

I have today finally gotten round to making live my new blog site. I had to pick Formby Beach as my first entry as it is a great place to go especially with your dog. My new website is This website explains what we are and why we are doing it, and IContinue reading “Miteim – my new blog site is up and running.”

If you have Amazon..then watch the Final Stand.

Then I can recommend a fantastic film. It is in Russian but with English subtitles. The Final Stand is based on the true story of 3,500 Russian Cadets who stopped the Nazi onslaught in its tracks. At the height of WWII, 3,500 young cadets from two Podolsk military schools are sent with their commanding officersContinue reading “If you have Amazon..then watch the Final Stand.”

Seems the Donald is making his way back…

To the Whitehouse. This is the current CPAC poll of who Texans would vote for. Now I know you say it is Texans but the rest of the country will follow suit as the new liberal looney left agenda in the United States of America just does not work. You have the Mayor in ChicagoContinue reading “Seems the Donald is making his way back…”

Choose your dogs carefully…..

When a dog attacks it is devastating for all involved. Another day goes by, and we hear the terribly sad story of dogs mauling children and unsuspecting grownups. A 5-day old baby boy was mauled to death by the family dog.  An American Staffordshire.   In a separate incident and both in Australia, another American StaffordshireContinue reading “Choose your dogs carefully…..”

The Deputy Labour Leader is vile…

Angela Rayner and Sir Bendalot have now had a go at both the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary for refusing to take the knee. What this Corbyn in a skirt does not and cannot possibly realise is that leaders do not capitulate, they do not take the knee for virtual signalling and they doContinue reading “The Deputy Labour Leader is vile…”