MPs call to boycott the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

I am fully behind the MPs who are calling on the Government to boycott the Beijing Winter 2022 Olympics due to their repeated human rights abuses against the Uighurs.

MPs have called for the UK Government to boycott the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics to heap pressure on China over the Uighur 'genocide'

We must not be seen to reward a country or a communist administration who are continuing in the genocide of the Uighurs.

What sort of message is this sending?

A bad one….as it is telling the world that it is fine to ignore the plight of a minority just because it is not financially viable to do so. The Uighurs are persecuted, genocide is being committed on them and this includes:

Forced Abortions.

Forced Sterilisations.

Murdering men, women and children.

Raping Uighur women so that the Uighur minority could be bred out.

Forced to work in slave conditions and often dying of this brutal work and the punishment beatings they receive.

Children being indoctrinated to reject their faith and their way of life.

The destruction of Uighur Mosques in their own area.

How on earth can any sportsman attend this event without having the plight of these people at the forefront, and it is no good saying that they will discuss human rights when there…We are not stupid…we know that they won’t and shame on any sportsman, woman or indeed any company that gets involved with this.

This is akin to saying…oh the Uighurs they don’t matter so long as I get my gold.

We have gone forward some 80 years since WW2 and we are still witnessing mass genocide and forced slavery, only it seems to be of a people that make some Western companies very rich and where nobody is really standing up for them. To have China on a Human Rights Committee is laughable and it is insulting as they are committing more human rights abuses than any other country, and it is an affront to decency and the plight of these poor people to have them have any say. Man up and grow a set and kick them off.

You might as well let in a rabid fox into the hen house for the damage they are doing to these people. Shame that nothing is still being done and a note for the UN….strongly worded letters count as jack to these people and we know in the West that they mean nothing, and if the UN think they can count it as doing something proactive…Well here is your answer…IT DOES NOTHING.

If we send a delegation then we might as well turn our backs on the very people who need our help and what a sad day that will be, when winning a gold is more important than saving the life of a minority people whose plight is being ignored day after day, and where their murders mean nothing to this corrupt communist state.

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