Why are Serco paying dividends from a failed app….

Why is it the only successful parts of the Test and Trace service is to do with the £37 billion pounds and rising costs we are paying. What success you may ask….well….those in charge are jumping for joy at the taxpayers forced generosity and of course Serco who are continuing to work with the app despite it being a total waste of money and is a failed project are predicting sky high profits.

Reports have shown that Serco predicts its profits will jump 50 percent during the first half of the year due to its continued work in the Test and Trace service. Serco Chief Executive Rupert Soames (another one of the Tory elite) said the company was “proud of the part we have played” in Test and Trace and are “delighted that the DHSC (Department of Health and Social Care) has selected us to continue to support them in providing these services for at least the next 12 months”. Earlier this year, Serco faced criticism over the large profits it has made from the pandemic and its decision to start paying a dividend to shareholders. (www.dailyexpress.co.uk).

Is anybody making this money not related to a Tory MP or who is not part of the inner circle of elite ? How much of the selection process did they do? Or was it a case of just shake hands and here is the tax payers money and many more to come…..You can picture it now…the brandy and cigars out to celebrate (which we no doubt pay for), and promptly followed by a hearty slap on the back.

 A new report published by a watchdog on the success of the Test and Trace programme has raised further questions about the government’s continued expenditure on the system without solid evidence of efficacy. The National Audit Office (NAO) review highlighted poor turnaround times for testing during the winter, as well as a continued over-reliance on consultants. The NAO concluded that “local authorities still struggle to get timely access to the data they need to deal with localised outbreaks of COVID-19, and they are unclear on the planned operating model after July 2021”. (www.dailyexpress.co.uk).

Why have private companies got involved in this? No company should have profited from this as it is just rewarding failure and boy has this failed. The new Health Secretary needs to scrap this app and scrap this company and the CEO and ban any profits from being made. If there are profits then give it back to the taxpayer. It is obscene that a private company has benefited to the tune of 50% profits and no doubt more. My god what has this Government been doing? Has it just gone mad and is chucking about our money without any real chance of success and with no due diligence? I have a feeling they have done it for nothing more than a smoke and mirror exercise. To create the illusion that they are successful when in reality they are not, and the only people to profit are the chosen few.

I wonder whether Wondering Hands Hancock has some responsibility for this? How long before we read that he has taken a lucrative job with one of the companies who profited from his tenure. I give it 3 months before there is some link between a new job and the contracts he was doling out when in the department he thought was his, and where he could do as he pleased or so he thought. There has to be a parliamentary investigation into these contracts as they are not value for money and only a few profit from it.

It all leaves a nasty taste in your mouth and that is my money and the money of millions of hard working people and we had no say in this, and we should demand too as no way would anybody say it is fine to give it to company who could make that much profit. Why should the Serco Executives profit from a pandemic as the usual bidding tenures were scrapped. It seems anyone who had contact with the Health Secretary could profit and where value for money seems to have been thrown out the window.

Again no due diligence taken whatsoever….and that is appalling.

The app is not fit for purpose and it needs to be stopped and stopped now. The NAO report still concluded that evidence to show the programme is a reasonable use of taxpayer money had yet to be seen. In other words it is failing. It has been failing from the beginning and needs to be stopped.

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