The Princess of Wales Statue, like or loathe it….it is an act of love from her sons.

I don’t really comment a lot on the comings and goings of the Royals as like a lot of people I am fed up with the lies, spin and BS from the Sussex’s and tend to just switch off, especially as it seems to dominate the mainstream media and the oh me victim mentality has gotten really, really boring now.

However, the pages of the mainstream media newspapers seem to be full of the Princess of Wales statue and people’s opinion.

Princess Diana statue: Meaning of the three children explained

People it seems have suddenly become art critics and some of the responses have been less than kind and not only disrespecting the work of the artist, but some take great delight in disrespecting the memory of a woman, a mother who died in a car crash.

I know that people are entitled to their comments but do they have to make it so bluntly and be so nasty too? I know it is not to the taste of everyone, but if it is ok to the sons she left behind then can we not leave it at that?

Her sons have placed it in the sunken garden which was her favourite place and lets face it….this statue is something to remind them of their mother and the Cambridge children will be able to look out at the garden and see their grandmother. Surely that is the one thing we should think about! It was commissioned due to people contributing to the works and not from the taxpayer.

I stopped reading the comments in the end because some were just not nice and I can only hope that HRH The Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex do not read them as it seems to be have become almost a blood sport….dissection of the memory of a person and some people seem to delight in ridiculing the dead. Sometimes I think this is not a nice world we live in.

We have seen it with the barmy marches of the last year. You cannot change history and destroying statues achieves nothing but alienating a majority of people. Just let them be and lets set about learning about the history whether good or bad it is still history and it is the same with this tribute to their mother, surely it is better that people remember the good work she did and that she was a complicated person just like the majority of us. After all I doubt whether many people actually can cast the first stone especially when you find out their life stories.

Just look at this as nothing more than a loving tribute from two sons to the mother they lost, and who had to share their grief with the nation, and it seems the nation gave them no choice to grieve alone and maybe looking back we should have done. The family keeping them in Scotland was probably the best thing they did as this stiff upper lip attitude for Royal children will do them no good. Let them have this without picking apart their body language, whether they were talking to each other and just let them have this precious memory without the usual crowd sticking the boot in.

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