Seems it is financially enriching for the few to know Helping Hands Hancock…

He helped his pub landlord right into the taxpayers cash under the guise of a PPE contract and now said Landlord has bought a mansion. Oh by the way….said Landlord had no PPE experience before the pandemic….do I smell a rat…your damn right I do….

There has to be an investigation into the dodgy comings and goings of our taxpayers cash. Seems old Helping Hands Hancock forgot that even though he was a government minister, he did not have the right to enrich his chums and use our money as his own private ATM,  and he did not have the right to commit this sleaze..

Sadly the PM will do nothing about the wholesale fraud going on with these contracts under the leadership of the Health Minister, and it is rotten…the whole thing stinks of sleaze and corruption.

It hasn’t taken that long for this Conservative government to be up to their necks in sleaze, dodgy dealings and outright fraud and to say I am disappointed as a tory voter is unbelievable.

We need a police investigation as quite frankly I wouldn’t believe a word any of them said, and they are disgracing the high offices they hold.

Problem is…no viable opposition so corruption, dodgy dealings and sleaze will just carry on until we say stop, and demand better.

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