Getting behind the England Football Team.

I am far from being what you might call a Football supporter. In my own home we have one who supports Man City and another Arsenal and I tend to stay out of it as the shouting come on ref at the TV is enough to get on anybody’s wick.

However, I do enjoy the big matches such as we are seeing at the moment.

Who kicks what or where never really interests me but what does is the reaction of my eldest son when England score. His screams of get in make the pets jump and it must be the fastest he moves and I don’t know if some people realise but everyone in my home is suddenly the England manager and giving their opinions, and of course they dissect the game after.

The current team have brought joy to the nation with their defeat of not only the Ukrainians but especially so with defeating our old football enemy Germany. The number of people who said that win alone is akin to winning the world cup makes me think of that song…2 world wars and 1 world cup doodah.

I am getting firmly behind Gareth Southgate and his team as they are bringing in that feel good factor to the country and I hope the other Kingdoms and Principalities that make up the United Kingdom will cheer on the England Squad. Would be nice if the First Minister of Scotland and Wales could support the team, but I won’t hold my breath.

This will not only bring in a much needed income but it will bring in a much needed joy for the nation and it is that feel good factor that is the biggest boost. Within my own avenue the England flags are coming out and mine proudly went out along with the neighbours and who would have thought so many football fans lived within a small Avenue… and I especially noticed that it is the women who are putting out these flags.

I normally bring mine out for St George’s day, the birthdays of the Monarch and especially when we left the EU. That is both my England and Union flag and it makes you feel proud to see them flying in the wind, but only the England flag during this time and she flies proudly at the house.

I don’t know if Denmark is a good football team but I will be nervously watching the 3 lions like everyone else and hoping and praying that we get through as it will be a long 90 minutes. Is it too early to dream that football is coming home? Can you imagine the celebrating if they did and the sore heads in the morning….Ouch.

Good luck England….you have got this.

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