Booing does not mean you are racist, it just means you are fed up of the virtual signalling…….

I am with The Rt Hon Jacob Rees Mogg when he states that football fans should be allowed to boo if the England football team takes the knee. The wearing of the shirts with BLM on that were at the height of the game (and when no one was allowed in to the grounds) andContinue reading “Booing does not mean you are racist, it just means you are fed up of the virtual signalling…….”

A plea to watch….

There is an amazing you tube channel called Special Books by Special Kids, and they are really special amazing human beings. These beautiful young people are fighting the cruellest of diseases, and they do so with much grace, laughter and smiles as is humanly possible. I was having a painful day till my friend sentContinue reading “A plea to watch….”

The Democracy of the World during WW2…were there no other countries…

Fighting? Biden is now comparing himself to a War President….Bit of an insult to a real War President. Wow how to insult the very people who welcomed you to their country in the last couple of days. If my history is right….there was Britain, France, Russia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and the brave menContinue reading “The Democracy of the World during WW2…were there no other countries…”

Another day and still no Kamala….

Kamala Harris hasn’t been to the border nor Europe apparently……queue her hysterical laughter……What sort of crass stupid reply is that? I cannot believe you voted for these two…I really can’t. Do you not care that the World is laughing at your choice of leadership. Another day and no Kamala at the border, and you won’tContinue reading “Another day and still no Kamala….”

The true racists are entitled white liberals…

Or in other words those jumping up and down supporting BLM, whilst holding their own racist views of black people. Seems the BLM movement need to look at people like me for support, rather than those nasty racist liberals….I view everyone as equal, and we all have the ability to make something of ourselves regardlessContinue reading “The true racists are entitled white liberals…”

This lady knows what she is talking about…

The cancel culture is pure communism and needs stepping on….before our children suffer, as the real world will eat these indoctrinated snowflakes alive….as no one cares about your hurt fee fees, unless you are a pathetic woke individual living in your bubble. Can you imagine the mental health professionals required when they realise their educatorsContinue reading “This lady knows what she is talking about…”

Dr Donald Moss can take his report…

And shove it up his white backside. The irony is lost on that idiot, and amazing how many of these so called experts are appallingly bad at their job. Are we even sure he is qualified? As surely no one supposedly that enlightened can write such rubbish. I would encourage my readers to buy theContinue reading “Dr Donald Moss can take his report…”