We should celebrate our heroes….

If I were a teacher there would be none of this PC nonsense in my classroom…. I would teach the children about our heroes….and be proud of it. Men like Guy Gibson VC….the Leader of the Dambusters….174 raids on Nazi tyranny by the age of 25. No safe spaces needed for real men…and by godContinue reading “We should celebrate our heroes….”

A Physician to TWO former Presidents…

The Doctor to both Barak Obama and Donald Trump has written to Biden to demand a cognitive test. We can all see him declining and yes the Democrats will do everything they can to prevent this, as they know he is not mentally fit to be in the White House and it terrifies the DemocratsContinue reading “A Physician to TWO former Presidents…”

Where is the justice for a 7 week old beaten to death by his father.

Another day and another monster has been jailed for killing his child. This monster beat his son so hard that it killed him. His beautiful 7 week old son, and he gets jail time for what equates to a manslaughter charge. Another case of someone who should be sterilised to make sure he does notContinue reading “Where is the justice for a 7 week old beaten to death by his father.”

Starmer – soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime, and extra soft on criminals.

Sir Keir knee bending Starmer really has no idea of what your average United Kingdom person wants with regards to law and order, he never has and now he backs the release of a child murderer from prison. What planet is Starmer on? The killer in question needs to stay in prison until the dayContinue reading “Starmer – soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime, and extra soft on criminals.”

Biden cannot tackle Putin and Putin knows this….

Putin is akin to the world’s best Bond villain and the Biden Administration must be sweating buckets knowing that their man is going to be meeting him in Geneva later today. I should imagine there are some very wrought nerves being lost right about now…. Putin is a master manipulator and he doesn’t care oneContinue reading “Biden cannot tackle Putin and Putin knows this….”

Terrorist supporter says “pretty please”

I am of course talking about Shamima Begum. Another day and another whinge fest at her wanting to come back to the one place she left voluntarily. She is now trying to show that she is a westerner with her method of dress, and no doubt there are some who will believe that changing forContinue reading “Terrorist supporter says “pretty please””