One crap movie to miss…

The Karen movie is nothing but a load of racist claptrap trying to continue the lies and narrative of white privilege, and white aggression…

Is it me or is this just getting so predictably boring. 🙄🙄😴😴😴

Save your money or if it is burning a hole in your pocket, give it to a real charity and save yourself the bother of going to see this woke garbage, after all it’s time that you cannot get back again and in reality we all have better things to do, and if you don’t then go watch paint dry, grass grow etc etc…..much better use of your time….

Another Hollywood virtual signalling claptrap fest……

If you want to see a real actor who speaks total sense….grab the popcorn and settle down for a night of Denzel Washington….

By the way lets see how long it takes someone to call me Karen. All comments from those who do will be published in full on here, including all IDs and email address…….😁😁😁😁.

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2 thoughts on “One crap movie to miss…

  1. Susan you are a Karen.
    If you googled a Karen a picture of your ugly mug would come up


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