The fightback begins…

In these woke times it is refreshing to know that the race baiters themselves have been cancelled.

A group of woke leftist privileged academics at Cambridge College were going to examine the links between Winston Churchill and the Empire. When I mean examine they were actually going to just use their usual hate Britain rubbish and their endless hate of everything that we have achieved to bore the audience with. Cannot call it an examination when they only have one view and that is a mindless one and the irony is lost on them in their privileged academic roles.

Well how delightful to know that they have been cancelled due to growing pressure, infact it is more than delightful, it is AWESOME. It has actually made my day and surely this is the fightback we need from the stupidity that took hold during the pandemic. Time to drop their stupid mentality and take up the mantel of what makes us great.

To say there was tantrum throwing by the privileged race baiting academics is an understatement. They don’t like it on the other foot do they?

Of course the working group was going to be stacked with left wing academics who were going to do nothing else but a hatchet job on one of our greatest Prime Ministers. They would not have looked at the thinking of the time nor at the achievements of Winston Churchill. Nope it was just going to be a woke fest of disrespecting a Great Britain.

Do these people never get bored of trying to trash our history? As we certainly get tired of their endless bilge and we all know that you cannot even get to count to 10 before the white privilege bandwagon comes up.

They had held an event called ‘The Racial Consequences of Churchill’, during which a panellist said wartime leader Sir Winston was the ‘perfect embodiment’ of ‘white supremacist philosophy’. Wow…how much have they given away what they think in just the name of the event and this bias was the reason they got cancelled. Their one sided useless narrative. I cannot believe these people are actual academics. What are they academics in? Stupidity?

The event also included claims that the British Empire was ‘far worse than the Nazis’.  How insulting to the memory of our Empire. If we were so horrible why on earth do we have far more in the Commonwealth? These people cannot see the benefits for the hatred in front of their eyes. We have never said it was perfect and their are areas where we let ourselves down but we have grown and learnt from the mistakes. These race baiters would ignore that totally in their hate speeches.

The Working Group, which was set up at Cambridge's Churchill college to examine the links between Winston Churchill (pictured), race and the empire, has been scrapped
Winston Churchill

Professor Priya Gopal, a member of the group, claimed she said the group might as well ‘disband’ after the college became ‘rattled’ from the event, but insisted that this had not happened and the college instead dissolved the group this week. Whether they were pushed or went before pushed….either way this is great news.

Sir Winston Churchill was a complex individual and he had his faults, but he was the right man at the right time and the world was saved from the horrors of Nazism because of his forward thinking, his outright dismissal of appeasement and his steadfast view that the Nazis needed to be destroyed.

Following the scrapping, Prof Gopal launched into a furious Twitter tirade at the ‘entirely white’ College Council and said it has an ‘institutional’ problem when it comes to ‘race’. God does these race baiters not get bored with their racist claptrap? This is akin to a tantrum throw and this time the spoilt brat didn’t get their own way.

The other race baiter Kahinde Andrews commented that our RAF should have been charged with war crimes for bombing the Nazis in Germany. Yet no comment on the bombing of Poland, Warsaw, Greece, Stalingrad, Leningrad and the United Kingdom and all the other countries they committed blitzkrieg on. No comment on the Shoah, the extermination of the gypsies, political prisoners, gay people, Russians, the disabled, men, women and children. Nothing…… It seems to haters such as Andrews that it doesn’t matter what the other side do, he would never support this side, he would never support Britain’s side.

Again, if we are such a racist nation…what the hell are these people doing here? Why don’t they leave us so called racists to our island. They would be happy to leave and we would be happy to see them go.

I cannot take either of these two seriously. There are far more intelligent academics who have written extensively about Winston Churchill and that includes his flaws and we as a nation predominately still admire and respect Sir Winston, and 2 race baiting academics and their stupid group will not diminish our pride in a war time leader.

They could always hold their group in the very place it belongs……the gutter and I will await the incoming from the usual leftist trolls as something like this always sets them off. Note for you if you do…..its your time you are wasting as I just delete them….in the bin where they belong.

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