How sad to not recognise heroes.

I wrote an article today about celebrating heroes as I plan to create a website where such individuals and their deeds will be listed as we owe to them to remember them, and sadly it seemed to bait one….there is always one (although I seem to get more than one)….who would not appreciate the fact that the Dambusters and men like this are the reason why they have freedom. Instead I got a comment saying not my heroes.

That got me thinking what a very sad individual this person is and I decided that whilst I would use his comment, I would not post it with his name and it would not be listed on here my site as a comment. Operation Chastise the bombing of the dams was performed by young men who ages ranged from 21 to 25 and who when called upon for Operation Certain Death went willingly as they knew that their fight and the fights of millions of others was crucial to the freedom of this country, and the world in a wider aspect.

I for one am full of pride that we can look back on their achievements and that is the difference between me and the person who wrote that comment. I have pride in Great Britain and I have real life heroes to appreciate and educate others hopefully when the website is up and running.

You see I was brought up to appreciate the sacrifices and to respect totally our brave servicemen and women who put their lives on the line everyday of the week whether past or present, and especially to have pride in those who have gone before us.

There will always be the odd one who has no respect for the very people who shaped our history, and I actually feel sorry for them as to have no respect in your country and its history is something I cannot imagine, but then people like the one who commented not my heroes have no pride in anything and that is sad.

I know that having pride in our British history is supported more by people like me thank god and he will always be in the minority and after this ignored.

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I will say it again….I will take the knee for my monarch, in the church and to remember men such as the Dambusters as they have earned the respect we owe them.

As for the individual who cannot see that….how sad for you.

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