Terrorist supporter says “pretty please”

I am of course talking about Shamima Begum. Another day and another whinge fest at her wanting to come back to the one place she left voluntarily.

She is now trying to show that she is a westerner with her method of dress, and no doubt there are some who will believe that changing for jeans and t-shirt means that she is westernised….well no it doesn’t. She is still the same vile person who joined ISIS and clothes do not change whats inside you. She is rotten to the core.

The former East London schoolgirl left Britain to join Islamic State when she was 15 in 2015
Terrorist supporter Begum.

She is now saying that she wants to come home pretty please and that she is wanting to help others who have suddenly learnt the errors of their ways now they are in a camp in Syria, but of course she does not require to be put through any such thing as in her own words…”she was just a silly kid”.

Lets not forget this is the same “silly kid” who said it didn’t bother her seeing someone decapitated and seeing heads in bins. It didn’t bother her that ISIS who she supported wholeheartedly were:

Murdering Yazidis.

Selling young Yazidi women and children and babies as sex slaves, and murdering those they considered too old.

Throwing homosexuals of the roof for being nothing more than a gay person.

Beheading children for daring to have a western ring tone on their phone.

The mass murdering of those who homes they took over.

Crucifying people because it showed terror.

Beheading foreigners who had come out to help those less fortunate themselves.

Locking a Jordanian pilot in a cage and setting fire to it.

Using death, threats and intimidation to restrict freedoms that people had come to know.

Organising and taking part in terror bombings throughout Europe and the USA.

Destroying some of the most priceless architecture the world has known.

There is also the discussion that Begum was one of the terror female so called police who whipped others for daring to break what they considered their laws.

Begum now looks very different from her previous image as a jihadi bride in a hijab and head scarf

Now, you tell me is that someone who should be let in? The only miscarriage of justice here is that anyone like her who followed these bunch of cockroaches are actually back in the UK. We should have hung them all as they lost any right to justice when they murdered their first victim.

She is not sorry….she just does not want to live in the camp she is in.

Ask yourself would she be wanting to come back to this “awful westernised society” if ISIS were still in control. We know that answer is no and she would be lording it about with the power of life and death of those they considered lesser beings.

I don’t know what she is constantly complaining about, she is in her caliphate. A Muslim land where there are laws and ways of living that suit her ideology. This is a far easier place to live than the one her and her terrorist friends were going to inflict so she should be happy. She is in the land she wanted to be in.

What should happen is that this awful woman should be handed over to the Yazidi women and what remains of their men to come up with a fitting form of punishment, and if it is execution then so be it. She lost the right to any form of defence the minute she fled to join these terrorists. Don’t forget…this “silly kid” was producing radio and media broadcasts encouraging others to join.

She is not sorry. She is just sorry that the life of wealth and terror she planned to inflict on others did not go to plan and that is why she wants to come here.

Well, thanks to the Home Secretary she is not our problem and I don’t know why she keeps moaning she wants to come back. Surely Bangladesh is the ideal place as her father lives there and that is another Muslim country and again, she would be living the life she wanted to inflict on others, only on a lesser scale. It must be really burning that the life of terror she had planned for others did not bear fruit.

No, what she wants is a life of ease and a bit of a celebrity as we know now that this god awful woman will be on TV and other other form of media who sink low enough to have her, and why should my hard earned taxes and indeed the hard taxes of millions of others go towards protecting her. Let her run any gauntlet as that is nothing more than she deserves.

She is wasting her breath asking to come back as she is not required in this country, her or terrorist chums as when you commit acts of terrorism you lose the right to live anywhere near decent people and I don’t care if she spends the rest of her life stuck in a tent, and that it is awful and the living conditions deteriorate as this is nothing more than she deserves….it is called karma.

So suck it up terrorist lover….no one really cares that life for you is awful and I hope the Government continue to keep her out.

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