Biden cannot tackle Putin and Putin knows this….

Putin is akin to the world’s best Bond villain and the Biden Administration must be sweating buckets knowing that their man is going to be meeting him in Geneva later today. I should imagine there are some very wrought nerves being lost right about now….

Putin is a master manipulator and he doesn’t care one jot what the Western world think of him, in true villain style and he must be rubbing his hands in glee at the thought of getting a one to one with a man who is clearly suffering from dementia. After all, if you look closely at the video above his wife has to lead him away and this is so common in people who do not know where they are.

Putin is already sending his ships to scoot round Hawaii as a threat and he is a threat because he knows the man in the White House is uniquely weak in terms of being a President, and China has turned its tentacles to Taiwan. It is akin to a large great white circling its victim, and Putin has the same no soul in his eyes as a shark does and the damage he will do will be monumental.

A Russian sailor participates in naval war games in the Pacific in video released by the Russian ministry of defense. Russia's massive war games, the largest since the Cold War, come as Biden prepares to meet with Putin
A Russian sailor participates in naval war games in the Pacific in video released by the Russian ministry of defense. Russia’s massive war games, the largest since the Cold War, come as Biden prepares to meet with Putin
A Chinese Air Police 500 AWACS similar to one that encroached on Taiwan on Tuesday is seen above. Taiwan reported the largest ever incursion into its ADIZ, with 28 warplanes breaching the identification zone
Chinese Air plane over Taiwan and Taiwan reported that TWENTY EIGHT planes breeched their air space.

There is already the admittance that Biden will not hold a joint press conference with Putin. We know it is because Biden will look weak when Putin goes off script for questions and we all know he will do that and it has been decided that Biden will not speak side by side. This does nothing more than make the supposed leader of the free world look incredibly weak and both Russia and China know this and that is why they are building up their war drills.

Why do you think they are circling? They know that he is weak and they will continue this build up of their armed forces and any threats from Biden who really is not well is something they will just dismiss.

Is Biden going to only have pre submitted questions from his choice journalists or will there be a collection from everywhere, especially Russia as trust me they will have questions that they have not submitted, and this will do nothing more than cause confusion and if they don’t take questions freely then it shows a total weakness.

Biden cannot win which ever way he deals with it, and this is because he is putting up front and centre as a strong President when in reality we know he is a President with dementia and shame on the administration for agreeing to this.

If he cannot because of his cognitive ability take free thrown questions then he should not be doing a press conference, and he should not be having a meeting with a man who is the wiliest of creatures and who knows that all he has to do is throw Biden off the pre-determined script, and then boom the world will see what he is like and it will not end well for Biden.

Putin in his typical Bond villain role will delight in this humiliation and will press it further and further, and there is not only that but Putin knows he has China with them and what a better way to show the West how weak they are by demolishing the President of the United States of America.

President Putin is the human equivalent of a great white…

Never thought I would feel sorry for President Biden but humiliation is waiting for him and no one should be subjected to that in the name of politics, and all because some Americans hated Orange Man Bad. Surely it would be better to have a strong man put his points across and who cannot be caught out rather than trying to minimise the damage before it even starts.

In closing I hope I am totally wrong but I doubt it as one of the problems with dementia is that people who become stressed out cannot finish conversations, get lost in thoughts and go off the subject matter and this is what is going to happen to Biden. It is a shame really.

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