Booing does not mean you are racist, it just means you are fed up of the virtual signalling…….

I am with The Rt Hon Jacob Rees Mogg when he states that football fans should be allowed to boo if the England football team takes the knee.

The wearing of the shirts with BLM on that were at the height of the game (and when no one was allowed in to the grounds) and taking the knee is nothing more than a political statement from a bunch of extremely rich football players, and you have to ask yourself what have they done to help the poor community they are dropping to the knee for? Not much of anything really and it is just a statement that makes them feel better and no one else. It is virtual signalling before they go back to their multi million pound mansions, fast cars and wealthy living.

There was a fallout over wearing poppies to remember the fallen and when we remember the fallen, we are not remember just one particular set of people but all people who died fighting for our freedom and where they lie together as brother in arms, it does not say what they colour of their skin is on their military headstones and I am more than willing to take the knee before the military dead as they deserve the respect that we all can give.

However, it does not make you racist just because you do not want your team to take the knee in an empty gesture as it is empty.

England's Mason Mount, right, and Declan Rice take the knee ahead of kick off in Sunday's opening Group D game at Wembley

The fans who could have saved for months for these tickets do not want to see politics. They go to the beautiful game to get away from politics and now they are having it rubbed in their faces. It is not fair and they do not want to see it, and what do they get called?? Racists….and it is wrong to call them that as you do not know them personally, and you don’t know who they live with yet the woke media call them racists…..tolerant again…NOT.

Wow, without the fans who follow the team there would be no teams and no England team and maybe the Manager should think about it as the fans are not as lucky as him when it comes to the very generous wages, and don’t fall back on a multi million pound lifestyle.

So, maybe it is time they put the fans first and stopped taking the knee and instead create youth clubs and lessons from their billion pound clubs for those children whose parents are on poor wages, and live in poor areas where there is a lot of violence like London where there are more teenagers being murdered than anywhere else in Europe, and surely it is much better to arrange help for the young people we are so tragically losing rather than take the knee, as getting them off the streets with something to do will give a huge drop in this dreadful dreadful statistic, but nobody with the ability to help seems to want to do anything to help. Too busy virtual signalling to actually give a damn.

Instead of seeing them as racists, why not see them as just fed up football fans who want to escape from the last 12 months of madness and who just want to see a game of football. Not the politics, not the knee bending, not the lecturing but just a game of football.

Is that too much to ask from a football team?

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