Who voted this woman in?

Ilham Omar is the terrorists friend. She hates the United States of America and actively campaigns against it, yet the stupidity of some people ignore that…and vote her in. Some people need to stop voting as they don’t seem to understand the term enemy of the state.

Whoever agreed to put this terrorist supporter on the Foreign Affairs committee needs jailing, as it is akin to allowing a pack of foxes into the henhouse, and watch with glee the mess and carnage they make.

She is an anti semitic American hating terrorists friend and have a word with the people who voted her in. She is not there for their benefit but just hers, and the United States of America is slipping further and further down the line of securing their own security and all because of the terrorists friends you vote in.

After ALL Biden supports the IRA and you have to ask yourself, if he can support them….what on earth is he capable of doing to your country?

Wake up America, take back control and start with her….vote her terrorist supporting backside out.

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