When will the FBI investigate Hunter Biden?

Another day and another email from the laptop of Hunter Biden. It seems that a Romanian Businessman hired Biden and a former FBI director to represent him at a meeting with top American officials, and yep you guessed it….he levied his access through his father as the then Vice President to try and get thisContinue reading “When will the FBI investigate Hunter Biden?”

Just when Starmer didn’t think it could get any worse….it has…..

Seems Sir Keir Starmer is disliked as much as Jeremy Corbyn and even I thought that would have been damn near impossible, but yet he has managed it. Labour will continue to lose because they have leaders such as this:- We don’t like to see our Leaders capitulate to the mob, but instead prefer aContinue reading “Just when Starmer didn’t think it could get any worse….it has…..”

Harris just does not want to go….

To the Border and now that she is being called up on it, she tells people not to go to the Border as they are not welcome. What is it to be Kamala…..you saying one thing and your President saying another. Kamala Harris was given the task of reducing the number of people at theContinue reading “Harris just does not want to go….”