The Uyghurs need more than a toothless tribunal.

Whilst it is commendable of the United Kingdom Government that they are having a Tribunal into the human rights abuses committed by China, is there anything in this that will make them stop committing the rapes, the murders, the slavery and the intended genocide of a group of people all based on the fact theyContinue reading “The Uyghurs need more than a toothless tribunal.”

If we love the NHS don’t let Dido Harding run it….

Having heard the breath-taking news that Baroness Dido Harding is mulling over the idea of applying for the role of Head of the NHS….yes running the NHS. My god how blinkered are some people. She is not capable of running the NHS. Having taken some £37 billion pounds of taxpayers money on a track andContinue reading “If we love the NHS don’t let Dido Harding run it….”