This is so painful..

Surely the people of the United States of America want a President who is cognitively awake.

The decline of a man who it seems is suffering from dementia is painful to watch, and shame on the people using him…..he needs to be put in a rest home and not the White House.

People are willing to see America being laughed at and made a joke of because they hated Trump. Way to go America….way to go….

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2 thoughts on “This is so painful..

  1. Youre literally resorting to being ageist because his policies are popular, the vaccine program is a success and he is high in the polls.
    As usually boring and predictable posts by the unobjective Susan


    1. His policies are not popular, and it is just the MSM do not call it out as they have an agenda. The vaccine programme was started under Trump. Biden is failing on law and order as towns are still being wrecked, and all crime has gone up by hundreds of a percentage including murder and rape, he has failed on the border and now migrant kids are being trafficked around the country in the dead of night…just so Biden can say they are reducing figures. He has thrown thousands of oil and gas employees out of work and he has made the States look weak. Is that the popular you are on about? Your argument that I cannot criticise because of age is wrong, but typical. As a President he is open to any and all criticism as it goes with the terrority. Interesting you say ageism….you are making my point however …he is too feeble to carry the weight of being President. When the liberals have no argument they resort to the very predictable comments you make……but yet you find my posts so boring you read them and comment. Go figure huh! 🤔


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