Windows 11 is it all just a ploy???

Just downloaded a Windows 11 compatibility tool from only to find that both our Dell Latitude Laptop, i7 processor running 16GB RAM, with a SSD and Dell Optiplex Desktop, i5 processor running 16GB RAM again with an SSD and a Nvidia 2GB graphic card are not good enough to run Windows 11!!! That meansContinue reading “Windows 11 is it all just a ploy???”

Sleaze and fraud at the Health Department

Why is Matt Hancock awarding Government Contracts to the brother of his latest piece of fluff? If it smells like BS, sleaze and fraud then there needs to be a full investigation. Giving OUR money to his latest squeezes brother should never have been allowed. Hancock cannot walk away from this….there are questions that needContinue reading “Sleaze and fraud at the Health Department”

When the Vice President bends the truth….

There has been a lot of fanfare today that the Vice President Kamala Harris is going to the border. What they are not telling you is that she is going to visit The El Paso airport which is 17 and a half hours from the border and nowhere near the border and its problems. ThisContinue reading “When the Vice President bends the truth….”

Sleazy Hancock has to go….

I am not calling for his resignation due to being a dreadful health secretary and he is….lets face it, he has presided over the worst PPE contracts ever and one that has enriched his friends and friends of other ministers time and again. It doesn’t matter which party is in power, they will always doContinue reading “Sleazy Hancock has to go….”

My Book and another tick on the bucket list, the first of many.

Am getting very excited to be nearing the end of my new book and cannot wait for it to be published. I never thought that writing a book could take me the writer through so many different emotions, and I told my mother proudly today that I had almost finished it and of course sheContinue reading “My Book and another tick on the bucket list, the first of many.”

One crap movie to miss…

The Karen movie is nothing but a load of racist claptrap trying to continue the lies and narrative of white privilege, and white aggression… Is it me or is this just getting so predictably boring. 🙄🙄😴😴😴 Save your money or if it is burning a hole in your pocket, give it to a real charityContinue reading “One crap movie to miss…”

The fightback begins…

In these woke times it is refreshing to know that the race baiters themselves have been cancelled. A group of woke leftist privileged academics at Cambridge College were going to examine the links between Winston Churchill and the Empire. When I mean examine they were actually going to just use their usual hate Britain rubbishContinue reading “The fightback begins…”

How sad to not recognise heroes.

I wrote an article today about celebrating heroes as I plan to create a website where such individuals and their deeds will be listed as we owe to them to remember them, and sadly it seemed to bait one….there is always one (although I seem to get more than one)….who would not appreciate the factContinue reading “How sad to not recognise heroes.”

Woke Archaeologists strike again…

God do these woketards never stop? Why waste your time apologising? You should be like me as I apologise for nothing as every word I write….I mean. It is refreshing to know you don’t care one jot what others think… Try it sometime it is liberating. Must be my age as no leftist woke tardinessContinue reading “Woke Archaeologists strike again…”