Cummings and his interactions with a reporter who hates Brexit, Boris and the Conservative Party.

Quite interesting to find out today that Dominic Cummings has been having nice cosy monthly chats with one Laura Laura Kuenssberg because of the broadcaster’s ‘special position’ in the country. First of all….she never had a special position in the country except one that made you want to throw your shoe at the TV orContinue reading “Cummings and his interactions with a reporter who hates Brexit, Boris and the Conservative Party.”

Why there are adverts on my site.

I know that some of you have emailed me regarding the changes to my site and of course the inclusion of adverts and I have mainly good feedback thank you. I have had a message today stating that they are annoying and inappropriate. Well I can put the inappropriate argument to bed as they areContinue reading “Why there are adverts on my site.”

Activism lines a few pockets with millions….

BLM activism has been very profitable for some… true Marxist fashion…but those at the bottom continue to suffer. Stalin would be so proud of them keeping all the money, especially telling others they understand their suffering whilst busy snapping up multi million dollar houses . Surely these could be handed over to the poor??? SharingContinue reading “Activism lines a few pockets with millions….”

Does Biden ever stop lying?

MARCH 17 2021 BIDEN MAKES FALSE CLAIMS ABOUT BORDER CRISIS: ‘WE’RE NOT’ HOLDING CHILDREN ‘IN CELLS,’ SEPARATING FROM PARENTS. Reproduced from Tracking all of Joe Biden’s false or misleading claims – updated on May 14 – Geller Report News President Joe Biden made numerous false claims during excerpts of an ABC News interview that airedContinue reading “Does Biden ever stop lying?”

Lets play a game….Where’s Kamala and why is this administration trafficking Children?

Seems the Vice President is everywhere except where she should be….. Not only has she not been anywhere near the border but the Biden Administration is now flying children in the dead of night and with nobody being informed beforehand into different parts of the country. It seems that the Biden Administration is yet againContinue reading “Lets play a game….Where’s Kamala and why is this administration trafficking Children?”

Joe and Hunter Biden….the Dodgy Duo

This is an interesting expose on Hunter and Joe Biden and their dodgy dealings. BOMBSHELL: Joe Biden Directly Linked to Hunter’s Dodgy Business Deals – News Punch 18th May 2021 The emails show Hunter and a business partner discussing plans to cut then-Vice President Joe Biden into their business deals. The emails raise fresh questionsContinue reading “Joe and Hunter Biden….the Dodgy Duo”

Dominic Cummings is coming across as a discarded bitter lover…..

Another day and more bitter but very hard to believe accusations from Dominic Cummings. He has made the most outrageous claims against the Prime Minister and I am sorry but I don’t believe him one bit, except for calling this virus the Kung Flu. I should imagine that thousands of others have done the sameContinue reading “Dominic Cummings is coming across as a discarded bitter lover…..”

Still no visit to the border…

By the Vice President and no explanation why. The whole system has collapsed and the ones to blame are Biden, Harris and the Democrats. Every child, teenager and adult that dies is on their watch. Every family separated is on their watch and the spiralling costs to the taxpayer is on their watch. As forContinue reading “Still no visit to the border…”

President Trump is right about the origins of Covid….

President Trump stated that the Covid 19 Virus was the Chinese Virus and that it had come from China and what did the mainstream media do….they called him out on it. MSM such as CNN called him a racist, xenophobe and that was the polite names but oh wait……now they are saying….are you ready forContinue reading “President Trump is right about the origins of Covid….”

There needs to be legal charges aimed at the BBC, and the Princes sue those involved personally.

I like millions of others remembering watching Diana, the Princess of Wales discuss her unhappy marriage in an interview with Martin Bashir. I thought it was not a great career move after all the divorce rate is high in this country and it does not matter if you are a Prince or a pauper…when theContinue reading “There needs to be legal charges aimed at the BBC, and the Princes sue those involved personally.”

When will the law start to protect our vulnerable elderly?

When will our out of date justice system and out of date judges actually start working to protect the elderly and the vulnerable? Again and again we read of those suffering with dementia who are targeted by low life scum like her who rob them and terrorise them, and these poor people who are alreadyContinue reading “When will the law start to protect our vulnerable elderly?”