When will Dawkins be answerable to the law for a hate crime?

Richard Dawkins is well known for his campaign of wanting children in the womb diagnosed with Down Syndrome to be aborted. There are protected groups who would not have to put up with this, and quite rightly this includes gay people, trans people and other minorities but why is there not a hate crime law against those who peddle their garbage against Downs Syndrome and those with disabilities?

Who made Dawkins a god giving him the decision of which child lived and which child died? Having achieved his dream…where would it stop? Children who will be short? Children who could not have the development that he expects by a certain age? The Nazis tried that and it was called eugenics and they started off by murdering the disabled and the vulnerable….

In an interview with the broadcaster Brendan O’Connor of RTE Radio in Ireland, Dawkins attempted to defend how he had responded in 2014 when one of his 2.9 million twitter followers sent this to him: ‘I honestly don’t know what I would do if I were pregnant with a kid with Down Syndrome. Real ethical dilemma.’ Dawkins pinged back: ‘Abort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice.’

What is immoral is that so many follow him and that his views are just downright disgusting. What a terrible individual with odious vile thoughts.

A group is now campaigning to have this man cancelled by the publishing company who he is currently using. Penguin Random House are currently being lobbied to cancel the business relationship they have with Dawkins. Lynn Murray, whose daughter Rachel has Down’s and who runs the Don’t Screen Us Out campaign, told a newspaper: ‘His publishers should stand with people with Down’s Syndrome, uphold their own equality policies and cut ties with the professor, whose uninformed opinions about Down’s Syndrome are also out of sync with today’s public standards of equality and diversity.’

She is absolutely right and Penguin by having this business relationship with this man is in a way saying that really they don’t care about equality, nor diversity so long as it brings them money. Well that is one publisher off my list as I don’t deal with companies who actively work with people like Dawkins and who by what he is advocating should be classed as a hate crime, and the fact that he hasn’t makes a mockery of the law.

Professor Richard Dawkins attempted to defend his response to a Twitter follower who told him she 'didn't know what she would do'  if she was pregnant with a child with Down's Syndrome and his advice was: 'Abort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice'
Richard Dawkins and his hate peddling against down syndrome.

I have had the privilege to meet people with Down Syndrome and they are some of the most nicest people you can spend time with. They don’t know hatred like Dawkins, and they take people as they find them and in their world people with his twisted views doesn’t exist and how dare he advocate they they do not deserve to live, and that to bring a Down Syndrome child into the world is immoral. What did the world do to have this awful man thrust on them?

If anyone is lacking even in basic morals it is Dawkins. I know who I would sooner spend time with and it isn’t him. It would never be him….urgh perish the thought.

Brendan O’Connor an Irish presenter has a daughter with Down’s Syndrome, and when he tested the professor on his now notorious remarks, Dawkins — who insists he bases everything he says on pure reason and empirical knowledge — was exposed as ignorant and ill-informed. When O’Connor asked him why he regarded it as ‘immoral’ to knowingly bring a person with Down’s into the world, Dawkins replied: ‘Given the amount of suffering in the world probably does not go down — probably goes up — compared to having another child who does not have Down’s Syndrome, that’s what I meant.

The presenter queried how Dawkins knew ‘it increases the amount of suffering in the world’. Dawkins replied: ‘I don’t know for certain . . . it seems to me to be plausible that if a child has any kind of disability, you would probably increase the amount of happiness in the world more by having another child instead.’ Asked by O’Connor what his evidence was for that, the professor lamely responded: ‘I have no direct evidence, no.’ and when the presenter — with icy calmness telling Dawkins, ‘I’m not having an emotional discussion with you here, I’m simply trying a logical discussion’ — asked the great empirical thinker if he actually knew anyone with Down’s, he admitted he didn’t.


If Dawkins had actually done any form of research into this hate he peddles then he might have actually read a peer-reviewed paper published in October 2011 by the American Journal of Medical Genetics who had taken the time out to survey 300 people with Down Syndrome and who were aged 12 and over. The conclusion was that nearly 99% of people were happy with their lives, 97% liked the way they look and 96% liked the way they are and I bet you could not get that sort of percentages from anybody else, as lets face it most people would not give themselves that high a mark and it shows what a gorgeous personality they have, but what is worrying is that he is advocating against disability, and that by not having that disabled child the world would be happier. What a vile, disgusting thing to say.

Dawkins insists that these wonderful people with Downs Syndrome are suffering, yet the peer-reviewed papers state otherwise, and I doubt for one minute that Dawkins has actually sat down with anyone who has Downs, but rather his hatred and his bigotry has led him to come up with this nonsense, and again it should be reviewed as a hate crime as he is openly advising people to abort a child because it has a syndrome that he hates, and hate is a strong word but how else do you describe it? That man is full of hatred for Downs Syndrome and to peddle what he does without even having any scientific research is dangerous.

I have been in supermarkets, warehouses and all other forms of customer service roles throughout my travels and am always delighted when companies have employed people with disabilities, and employing people with Downs Syndrome is a blessing to a company not a hinderance as they are hard workers, honest workers, great with time keeping, can be relied upon to a task without complaining, they want to help and they do not get involved in petty work squabbles, not the politics of a work place….rather they just want to work and do a good job. For any employer they are the greatest asset and should be openly valued and not aborted because someone like Dawkins peddles his hate.

It is the fact that this man is advocating aborting Downs children without ever having actually met a child nor an adult. He is doing nothing more than peddling his own hate and and shame on any publisher that signs him up as it gives him yet another platform to peddle his garbage. You are not thinking of the hurt he is aiming at people who really are the purest of hearts and so much for their equality and diversity. As I said…companies are all for it until it comes to money and profits.

Then again what can expect from a man who known works are the insight in to Charles Darwin, a man who held strong views about the risks inferior types breeding. For such a supposed enlightened man he has a backward way of thinking, and thank god society is changing and he is going the way of the dinosaurs.

Right To Life UK spokeswoman Catherine Robinson branded his comments “horrific” saying they showed “blatant disregard for the facts of life for people with Down’s syndrome and other disabilities who, like all humans, are capable of living full and enriching lives”. Richard Dawkins news: ‘Wise and sensible’ to abort Down’s syndrome babies atheist | UK | News | Express.co.uk

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